3 Replies to “Ten minute drawing. Not an April Fool’s Day joke.”

  1. Teachers are the bad guys taking “huge” pensions from public tax dollars for the years of service rendered, but charter school “robber barons” can make huge profits from taxes deferred to charter schools, whose primary purpose is to make a profit. What is the general public missing???

    The public will allow its public school system which has done an exemplary job educating the youth of this country for generations in favor of a for profit system which will neither provide equal opportunity or access for all. It is time to reexamine our values as a country and culture. Just because something makes a profit is it better and for whom??? Students? Society? Corporate investors? Teachers?

    What is happening is that business marketing strategies are being applied to education. Attack and discredit the successful Leading model, public education, and replace it with the notion that for profit must be better. Capitalism at its finest?

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