Juan Rangel’s money quote: “Teachers being disgruntled ­— it’s like any other business.”


Juan Rangel and Rahm.

I always look forward to my brother’s Monday morning blog post of weekend quotables.

I admire his ability to pick out some good ones. There’s so many to choose from.

I would like to add one more from Chicago Sun-Times reporter Dan Mihalopoulos. Mihalopoulos has been covering the UNO charter school mess for a long time. UNO, the United Neighborhood Organization, has close ties to Rahm, House Speaker Mike Madigan and the Democratic Machine. It’s boss was Juan Rangel, until he was forced out as a result of the scandals. Before that he served as Rahm’s election campaign committee chairman.

“Teachers being disgruntled – It’s like any other business,” Rangel was reported to have said about the case back in 2010.

That’s it. The money quote.

On Sunday Mihalopoulos reported that UNO was ordered to pay $150,000 to Physical Education teacher David Corral who they had illegally fired.

Court documents showed why.

A clinical psychologist hired by Corral’s lawyers as an expert witness said he found that UNO officials made decisions “for the sake of expediency, profit and image management at the expense of safety, security and educational opportunities.”

“Eyewitness reports reveal that Garcia was a stressful place to work due to the autocratic nature of the workplace environment,” the psychologist, Steven R. Farmilant, wrote in a report in 2011.

Damn. Who wouldn’t want to work there? Or send their kids once they found out.

In court documents, Corral recalled seeing two social workers rush to help a student having an asthma attack.

“As they did, Mr. Rangel walked by and, instead of asking about the well-being of the student, asked why the social workers weren’t wearing their blazers,” Corral said.

No wonder teachers at UNO – one of the largest charter operators in the state of Illinois – signed up with the AFT to get a union.

Disgruntled teachers.

Just like any other business.

7 Replies to “Juan Rangel’s money quote: “Teachers being disgruntled ­— it’s like any other business.””

    1. Sooner or later Rahm will need a head to roll to make it look like he’s doing something to “fight corruption”. Maybe Rangel’s head will be convenient then.

  1. Rangel has demonstrated his leadership inability. His lack of concern about a student having an asthma attack speaks volumes.

  2. Thanks for covering this. It’s been making me crazy but I have no time these days. Rangel fires a teacher who can’t be in three places at once, and then it comes out that his main concern during an asthma attack is the issue of the blazers. The secret sauce of UNO appears to be that it is run by a politically connected moron.

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