7 thoughts on “Ten minute drawing. Vote for Quinn/Vallas or we will be like Wisconsin.

  1. LOL This could be your best one yet! Touche!

    I think it is time for a third party and an alternative candidate.

  2. Great cartoon.

    The layers of racism in the career of Paul Vallas begin with the “reconstitutions he started in 1997 against schools like Englewood High School, which was subjected to a show trial featured in the pages of the Sun-Times — just like the show trials we just saw, 17 years later, against Gresham, Dvorak and McNair. By the time he got to New Orleans, Paul Vallas had already destroyed the lives’ work of thousands of teachers and the lives of tens of thousands of children in Chicago and Philadelphia, while paving the golden road for his cronies. (One of the reasons they ousted him from Philadelphia was that he was bringing in Cozette Buckney a couple of days now and then as a “consultant” and she got a swank hotel room plus that rented Firebird…). But New Orleans was special, because the United Teachers of New Orleans (UTNO) was the most powerful black-led union in Louisiana prior to its being destroyed by corporate “reform” and massive charterization. The history of the great work of the AFT local in New Orleans went all the way back to the days when New Orleans hotels were still racially segregated and the leadership of the AFT Black Caucus had to organize a major challenge when AFT planned to hold its national convention in New Orleans more than 50 years ago.

    Yes, the amazing record of Paul Vallas is odious. But a special feature of the Vallas record is its relentless yet overwhelmingly hypocritical racism. He’d always have a well paid Black assistant around to provide the thinnest camouflage for his racist attacks on public schools, unions, and the children public schools are supposed to serve. And now Pat Quinn has brought Vallas back from oblivion, on orders of the Business Roundtable and others in the plutocracy, to rub our noses in it?! The great thing is that it gives us a chance to revisit the Vallas history and the complete record, from the days he was working as Richard M. Daley’s “Budget Director” (read, clout person to distribute the benefits to City Council serviles). So, in 1995, Paul Vallas, the patronage chief of Chicago, became the first “business” “Chief Executive Officer” of a major American urban mostly poor and minority public school system. Supposedly, the “business” guy (who had never run a real private sector business, but who cared?)…

    So now it’s time to begin VALLAS WATCH going back over the whole two decades since the ruling class put this crazy talking stooge into enormous power. For that historical opportunity, Pat Quinn deserves a thank you. But only when people are ready to pay attention to all the facts, from Chicago and Philadelphia to New Orleans and Haiti to Chile and Bridgeport.

  3. So….does that mean we just don’t vote? We know what happens with a Rauner in office(although it would be a bit of fun to see him vs. Madigan). A third candidate? Again, who? This candidate would have to be able to pull from both northern and southern Illinois to have any effect at all. Do I like my choices, no, but I do think I know which one would hurt me more. As me gran would say, “Better to dance with the devil you know, rather than the one you don’t.”

    1. What it means for voting is up to you. I am not here to tell you who to vote for. But the fact that there is an election will not ever mean that I don’t tell the truth about these people. Republicans and Democrats. That this might upset some people shows how morally bankrupt the system is. What upsets you is the truth about these people. Not that it forces you to choose the second to the worst thing you can do.

      1. You do have a third party to vote for as a protest vote- the Green Party. Let Quinn know he does not have our approval. So we have Rauner for four years? He will not be able to accomplish any of his goals. We know what he stands for anyhow. With Squeezy you never know. Vote out anyone who voted for pension theft.

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