Is the Mayor running scared. Or is enough never enough?


Becky Carroll of Chicago Forward Super-PAC and former CPS lying liar.

So far Rahm Emanuel’s main mayoral opposition is a progressive woman with good ideas and little money in the bank.

That would be Amara Enyia.

While others with more traditional clout have hinted at a run, nobody else is stepping up.

Yet Rahm appears to be running scared.

He has 7 million dollars in his campaign coffers.

And he has just gotten his deep-pocket pals to set up a super-PAC to raise millions more.

Millions more.

Becky Carroll use to be the lying liar for the Chicago Public Schools.

Now she is spokesperson for the Chicago Forward  super-PAC.

A super-PAC must pretend to be independent of the candidate. That allows them to raise unlimited amounts of money. And according to the lying liar, Becky Carroll, corporate honchos and hedge fund managers are getting in line to write checks.

Greg Hines in Crain’s:

Such an independent expenditure group legally cannot coordinate its spending on TV ads, direct-mail pieces and other items with Mr. Emanuel’s campaign. But it will not face the $5,000 individual donation caps that the mayor’s own campaign committee, Chicago for Rahm Emanuel, faces — meaning that it will be able to take contributions of $50,000, $100,000 or more.

Ms. Carroll would not disclose any potential donors she has talked with, adding that her new group will not be filing an initial statement of organization until later in the month. The group’s website at went live this afternoon.

But Ms. Carroll did say that her group has retained an A-list of consultants, including Jim Crounse, who handled direct mail for the recent campaign of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio; Nancy Kohn, who long has been the top fundraiser for U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill; and TV-ad man Saul Shorr, who produced the famed “straight shooter” spot for Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Dawn Clark Netsch in 1994

Perhaps more significant, sources close to Mr. Emanuel confirm that the group is real and may indeed be able to raise the “few million dollars:” that Ms. Carroll mentioned.

With Rahm’s poll numbers in the dumper, is he running scared?

Or is there just never enough?


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