NEA RA. The largest union in the United States has elected three women of color to lead it.


NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia, Vice President Becky Pringle and Secretary-Treasurer Princess Moss.

Put aside for a moment all the debate (actually too little debate) about Common Core and high-stakes testing.

Or the other 100 New Business Items that will be considered before the NEA Representative Assembly wraps up on Sunday.

The 9,000 delegates did something quite remarkable this morning.

They elected three minority women as leaders of the 3 million member National Education Association, the largest labor union in the United States.

It is a historic event.

9 Replies to “NEA RA. The largest union in the United States has elected three women of color to lead it.”

  1. white, black, purple, orange what every color or race has nothing to do with it in my book. the ability to lead an organization such as this is. and they are more than capable.

    1. For us people of color, we don’t see ourselves reflected much in positions of power, which is something that Fred understands. And historically, ability to lead was not a factor in people of color moving up the ladder. Their race/ethnicity and even gender often kept it from happening.

  2. Fred,

    Congratulation to these outstanding women. Hats off.

    – Rev. Ervin Wilkerson Sr. Alabama ESP State President (Retired )

  3. Congratulations to Princess Moss! She was the best mentor I could have asked for during my first year teaching in Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. I wish you continued success Princess! Thank you for all you do.

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