Run Karen. Run.


Chicago Sun Times:

If the mayoral election were held today, the lightning rod union leader who was the architect behind a 2012 teachers’ strike would beat Emanuel by 9 percentage points in a head-to-head contest, the survey found.

Lewis was leading Emanuel 45 percent to 36 percent with 18 percent of the likely voters undecided.

6 thoughts on “Run Karen. Run.

  1. My EXACT words, Fred. Must be done–no two ways about it. Brilliant woman who could do well in ANY job, she has more knowledge, caring/concern and chutzpah in her little finger than any other politician (& therein the problem–“politicians” all) in this state of ILL-Annoy (which MADE this state ILL-Annoy).

  2. This is where the IFT should spend money not the pointless gov race . Rauner will fold to her like a cheap tent. I just cant wait

    1. True that, David–great point! With Karen at the helm of the Windy City, ILL-Annoy pols will be brought to their knees, where they belong. Also, insofar as the leadership of CTU is concerned, watching Gunderson,,& having prior knowledge about the great CTU CORE leadership team already in place, it’s my belief that Karen can leave & run in the name of serving the greater good.

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