6 thoughts on “Run Karen. Run.

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  2. My EXACT words, Fred. Must be done–no two ways about it. Brilliant woman who could do well in ANY job, she has more knowledge, caring/concern and chutzpah in her little finger than any other politician (& therein the problem–“politicians” all) in this state of ILL-Annoy (which MADE this state ILL-Annoy).

  3. This is where the IFT should spend money not the pointless gov race . Rauner will fold to her like a cheap tent. I just cant wait

    • True that, David–great point! With Karen at the helm of the Windy City, ILL-Annoy pols will be brought to their knees, where they belong. Also, insofar as the leadership of CTU is concerned, watching Gunderson, et.al.,& having prior knowledge about the great CTU CORE leadership team already in place, it’s my belief that Karen can leave & run in the name of serving the greater good.

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