Call me Dr. Klonsky, if you please.


What is it with Chicago and Connecticut? Why do we keeping sending them mopes?

First we send them Paul Vallas.

Now we’ve sent them Terrence P. Carter.

Carter went to Hartford after spending time in Chicago where he served as director and chief academic officer of the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) , a key part of CPS failed turnaround strategy. Carter was director and chief academic officer of the academy and 29 Chicago public schools.

The Hartford Courant reports:

Terrence P. Carter, the highly touted Chicago education administrator hired to start Aug. 1 as the superintendent of New London’s troubled school system, recently completed requirements for a doctorate that he’s scheduled to receive next month.

“Soon I will be able to be called ‘Doctor,'” he said he recalls telling job interviewers.

 But a Courant review of records available in the public domain shows that Carter had called himself “doctor,” or identified himself as a Ph.D., for more than five years prior to his recent completion of requirements for a doctorate.

The titles show up next to his name more than a dozen times, including a 2008 listing of “Terrence Carter, Ph.D.” on an attendance list for a symposium. He’s called “Dr. Terrence Carter” on IRS documents filed from 2010 to 2012. He used “Ph.D.” when he reviewed a 2012 book on “Common Core” educational standards.

Those documents don’t indicate where that doctorate was obtained. Carter said they’re not references to his anticipated doctorate from Lesley University in Massachusetts. Instead, he says, he obtained a doctorate in 1996 from an unaccredited school, Lexington University.

When asked about the degree Tuesday, Carter first told The Courant that he had earned a doctorate in theology from Hamersfield University in London. In a phone interview, he said that the doctorate would enable him to “practice in the ministry.”

On Thursday, when pressed further on the Hamersfield degree, Carter sent The Courant a printed transcript from Lexington University. The transcript listed no campus address or Internet website for online studies.

A Web search turned up a site headed “Lexington University,” which advertises for people to get their degrees at prices of up to several hundred dollars. It’s unclear if that website is connected with the transcript sent by Carter — and he declined to answer more questions.

“I have nothing further to say on this matter,” he wrote late Thursday in response to a follow-up email.

Carter said in his email that Lexington University was “formerly known as Hamersfield University back in the 90s when I attended.” He had said Tuesday that he had to be in London for several weeks annually during the three years he was pursuing his doctoral studies at Hamersfield.

The Lexington University transcript said that Carter, now 49, received an A in each of 45 graduate courses on the way to a Ph.D.

The transcript says that the degree was in Human Resource Management and Organizational Learning, not theology. Many of the course listings related to human resources, organizational leadership and management — and at the time Carter was employed in corporate human resources.

None of the course listings appeared related to theology.

Carter’s situation arises a month after a key figure in Connecticut’s school “turnaround” movement, Michael Sharpe, resigned on June 21 as CEO of the Hartford charter school management group FUSE. His exit followed his admission that he had falsely claimed to have a doctorate.

I am now going to call myself Dr. Fred Klonsky.

I didn’t earn a Ph.D.

Apparently that is not a requirement.

The truth is that when Anne and I travel, sometimes the hotel will ask for my title.

Mr. or Mrs. or Dr.?

I often check Doctor with the hope that it they will treat me a little better. An extra chocolate on the pillow?

And the guy that married us got his ministerial certificate from the back of a Rolling Stone magazine.

But then he never was hired as a school superintendent.

That might now be possible. I hear that they might need one in New London.

4 Replies to “Call me Dr. Klonsky, if you please.”

  1. Get Frocked .

    The ad said,send $25.00 to the church of faith and get ordained.This was in 1970
    in the smokers lounge at Bowen HS.Well two shop teachers sent the money and when the
    credentials arrived i was stunned.Not only did they get diploma’s as Doctors of Divinity
    but a card to register them with the state of Illinois as ordained ministers.Then the joke got to new levels when Dr.Jones purchased a air conditioner at Polk Brothers that night and
    showed us the 10% clerical discount he received,one day and he got his $25.00 back.
    as summer arrived i did not find out if they mailed the registration to the state and begin to marry people,or conduct funerals.That is an absolutely true story.

  2. Well, if you get one bogus degree in theology and then add PhD to your signatures, only to discover that the state of Illinois will not accept a doctorate in theology for the type 75, as it won’t, so you purchase another PhD in Human Resources, and you continue to include PhD in your signature, then discover a place where you can get a PhD actually in Education at an online college (there are not many –most online education programs are for BAs and MAs, with a smattering EdDs, very few award PhDs), then several years down the road, you are bound to forget which degree you said you had when you wrote one of those PhD signatures.

    So has Lesley University confirmed that Carter will be graduating with a PhD in Education next month?

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