Former Chicago AUSL turnaround school guy “Dr.” Terrence P. Carter is no doctor. And he may not even be certified.



Every day brings more problems for the New London, Connecticut board of education and their now-on-hold decision to hire Terrence P. Carter as their school superintendent. Carter came from Chicago where he worked on managing turnaround schools for the Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL), claiming a PH.D. – which he now admits he did not earn.

– From The Day

Carter’s certification for New London superintendent’s job in question.

New London — As questions continue to mount about Terrence P. Carter’s academic record and previous financial issues, the Board of Education may have another line of inquiry when it meets Thursday: whether its unanimous choice to be the city’s next superintendent is certified to hold the position.

The superintendent’s job description, which the Board of Education adopted as an official policy in 2005, requires that the city’s superintendent hold a valid superintendent certificate in Connecticut. The state requires the same qualification.

According to state records, Carter is not currently certified as a superintendent in Connecticut.

He does, however, hold a provisional educator certificate and an endorsement for “intermediate administration and supervision” in Connecticut, records show. The certificate, which is valid for eight years, was issued June 13, the day after the Board of Education announced Carter as its unanimous choice for the city’s superintendent of schools.

To be granted a provisional certificate, which is the second in the state’s three-tier certification system, the applicant must complete “30 months of successful appropriate experience within ten years” in a public or approved nonpublic school, according to the state Department of Education website.

But becoming a certified superintendent in Connecticut requires a master’s degree, completion of 30 semester hours of graduate credit beyond the master’s degree, “a minimum of 80 school months of successful teaching or service,” a minimum of 30 school months as a full-time administrator and a recommendation from an institution where the applicant completed a superintendent preparation program, according to state Department of Education regulations.

The same regulations define “successful teaching or service” as “full-time professional educational experience” as a teacher, administrator or serving in certain staff positions.

It was not clear Tuesday whether Carter has applied for a superintendent certificate in Connecticut.

By email Tuesday, Carter said he has “already been vetted by the board and the State of Connecticut” and referred all questions to the New London Board of Education.

Board President Margaret Mary Curtin could not be reached to comment Tuesday evening.

Last month, Carter told The Day that he taught a year each of third, fifth and seventh grades in Paterson, N.J., the state’s third-largest district, which consists of 54 schools and enrolls nearly 30,000 students.

A representative from Paterson Public Schools did not return calls Tuesday from The Day seeking to verify Carter’s employment.

Read the entire article here.

19 thoughts on “Former Chicago AUSL turnaround school guy “Dr.” Terrence P. Carter is no doctor. And he may not even be certified.

  1. They’d be insane to hire this imposter. Has anyone here looked into certification requirements for positions he held in Illonois? If he commited fraud he deserves a prison sentence as well as making financial retributions to the taxpayers he defrauded.

    1. Yes and if you look at the timeline (I will find it), he boosted his salary by claiming a doctorate that he didn’t have. Will be back

    2. See below and in 2009 he claims a doctorate which most likely increased his salary but he did NOT have one. Maybe Chicago should ask for a rebate?

  2. Chicago should ask for a rebate. And also Chicago should be asking questions that go up up up. According to this publicly available prezi, Carter was not only appointed to the mayor’s Early Childhood Education Taskforce and was the LEAD of the RESOURCES ALLOCATION subcommittee. (This jives with what Carter reports as being a ‘committee chair’ for the taskforce on his CV.) And while I wouldn’t say a prezi is the most reliable source, it was made by this guy, named corey ciociari… who is apparently a law student at UofC, and was previously:
    *Policy Associate at City of Chicago Mayor’s Office
    *Committee Staff at Chicago 2011 Transition Project
    *Policy and Research Analyst at Chicago for Rahm
    *Associate at The White House
    *Intern at The White House
    You can see the rest here, Needless to say, he doesn’t seem like he’d get the committee composition and leadership ‘wrong.’ Here’s the prezi itself

    CT really wishes that Chicago had done a closer check on this guy, but we still love your good people, your amazing educators and organizers, and your epic-ly awesome young people!

    1. Chicago sends it’s love back to CT and says VOTE FOR PELTO! Regrettably, the citizens of Chicago have no capability to see let alone vet the back room deals that are the order of the day all over the country. Sorry about Vallas as well, though that turkey has come back here to roost.

  3. Beginning to question the motives of the NewLondon’s BOE. Is this an orchestrated inside job to bring in a ‘Fluff’ BFF of someone higher up to benefit financially and determine specific outcomes, unknown to us at this time.
    Would not be the first time non-credentialed, undereducated folks dictate public education in the US. I recall someone who has only completed high school, dropped out of college and bought the USA. He still owns it and will continue for a very long time. People listen to him, not because of his esteemed private high school degree, but because he is THE Richest man in the US. He knows everything and will determine ALL!
    His will be done…even in New London!? What fake credentials? Fake PhD?

    1. I think you’re wrong to automatically question the BoE. This is a publicly elected board, in an age when they are under assault. The powers that you speak of would LOVE to see another public board of ed eradicated. Before you make such a statement, look into the situation. This BoE has its issues, like all do. However, it also has a state-appointed ‘Special Master’ that oversees the district’s functioning. Trust that this person wields influence, and is somewhere right now, probably giggling in a corner with Gov. Malloy and Commish Pryor. They’re probably tickled pink with this mess, and fueling it in whatever way they can. Because honestly, if they can make the public board look bad, they can make a case for taking it over. It’s that simple. Here’s something to consider… Adamowski is listed as speaker for the SUPES Academy – that should be familiar to you if you’re in Chicago, since they got a big no-bid contract with CPS, right? There was some reporting on that. Well, Terrence Carter lists himself on his CV as being part of the 14-15 SUPES cohort. I can’t confirm that on their website, but if anyone had a pre-existing connection, maybe it’s Carter and the Special Master, appointed by the state… I would bet you $ that the BoE doesn’t know about that connection, because they’re sloppy search firm hasn’t done the job it was hired to do!

      1. Good point CTkidsfirst. The problem is that some politicians – as in Connecticut – want to do away with elected school boards. Chicago has the only mayor-appointed school board in the entire state of Illinois. On the other hand, as in all politics, some bad people – too often – get elected. In the Chicago suburbs of Park Ridge and Hinsdale Tea Party extremists have taken advantage of low turnout elections and have taken over local school boards. Individual boards can make bad decisions. But the concept of citizen school boards needs to be protected. Let’s see what the New London board does now that they know that “Dr.” Carter is a fraud.

  4. Fred, look for the low voter turnout strategy to be put into much wider use by the Teafarty. Taking over local governing boards has long been a goal of their handlers and the recent failure of Eric Cantor to see what was happening right in front of him in his own district is just another example of this strategy in action. Right wing talk radio was used to great effect in his opponents GOTV campaign. Taking advantage of voter apathy while at the same time ramping up voter suppression efforts is the right wing fringes response to the failure of the influence of money’s ability to guarantee electoral outcomes, perhaps the most humorous example of this being Karl Rove sending a FAUX reporter down to the decision room because he couldn’t believe Romney had lost Ohio. As the case of Cantor shows, this tactic works equally well when directed at ones supposed allies even when as incumbents they should be immune to such things. The fact that Cantor is a pasty faced whiner didn’t hurt his opponent either.

    1. Incorrect. He was warmly welcomed a few weeks back prior to the board approval. Things didn’t sour until all his lies were revealed. Too late to play the racist card now. We have many school administrators of color in CT. Here’s one example (of many) of his deception:

      Marie Friess-McSparran July 24, 2014 at 09:58 AM
      “In 2008 Carter wrote a letter on Barton school stationary to Shawn Gowder, a local school council member and parent, recounting a disagreement they’d had a month earlier in which he said “I ask that you address me as Dr. Carter.” He signed it “Terrance Carter, PhD.” source

  5. One member of the NL school board made a very unfortunate and naive remark, but she was expressing her own opinion. Was the attempt to oust Vallas racist or somehow about things other than his terrible record? No one required Carter to falsify his credentials, to borrow money, or to finesse the data on the great strides made at the Chicago schools he claims to have influenced.
    In addition, I don’t believe standards should be lowered or credentials dismissed for superstar school reformers–many of the troublesome carbetbaggers–Vallas, Adamowski, Pryor, Carter, Michael Sharpe, Morgan Barth, Nate Snow–do not have the minimum in educational qualifications–all have some alternative or some waiver–or none at all, like Pryor. In Connecticut, at least, we could have avoided a lot of problems if we had honored true academic standards (and I am not counting diploma mills or bogus ed. doctorates, which seem to be proliferating). Also necessary is relevant and deep experience. A little humility wouldn’t hurt, either.

    1. What was the unfortunate and naive remark? If you’re talking about the comment as to race playing a role, it’s appropriate to acknowledge that it might have, in terms of the impulse and willingness, and even eagerness, of some people to look with more suspicion at a candidate of color. I mean, that’s a fair thing to say based on society/history generally and based on specific comments (albeit the VERY small minority) made in response to articles in the Hartford Courant and the local paper in New London. Of course, what’s been found – in terms of the problems with Carter – is not deniable… Still, if it’s the remark I’m thinking of, I didn’t see it as saying that race was the explanation, but rather saying it may have played a role in prompting people to look into the candidate and that was partly why the board member was in favor of doing an investigation… to lay to rest for everyone the idea that this was somehow a successful ‘witch hunt’ (which is the language that has been used by some of Carter’s defenders). I see the comment as potentially savvy and responsive, actually… acknowledging the concerns of community members, which is an important thing for a board member to do in such a charge situation, and especially when that wasn’t the only thing driving the decision to do an investigation. (But again, maybe I’m not even thinking of the same comment!)

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