Pension theft proving toxic to Illinois Democrats.


Republican Bruce Rauner holds a 12 point lead over Democrat Pat Squeezy Quinn in the polls.

Illinois’ Attorney General Lisa Madigan has always been thought of as unbeatable.

Daughter of State Democratic Party Chairman and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, Lisa was considered a possible challenger to Quinn or a lock on a future Senate seat.

But Democrat’s assault on public employee pensions is proving toxic. As is any relationship to the one who insisted on Senate Bill 1, Michael Madigan.

The same polls now show the once popular Attorney General below a 50% approval rating.

Always a dangerous place to be 3 months before an election.

The same poll shows support for honoring pension promises is overwhelming.

One question asked whether the person surveyed would be more or less likely to vote for someone whose “Father is Illinois Speaker of the House and as Attorney General has rarely pursued political corruption cases.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, 60 percent said that would make them less likely or not likely at all to vote for the candidate, and only 13 percent said it would make them somewhat more likely to vote for her.

As for pensions?

Illinois is deeply in debt which of the following do you believe is most responsible for the hugh debt: Public employee Pensions; state tax and fee increases; Political corruption or failed political leadership?

23% Public employee Pensions
11% State Tax/Fee increases
29% Political corruption
29% Failed political leadership
8% Don’t Know

Only one quarter of the voters that were asked blamed pensions. Nearly 70% blamed unfair taxes, corruption and a failure of leadership.

Do you support pension reform that would include a reduction in benefits to public employees?
24% Yes
70% No
6% Don’t Know

15 thoughts on “Pension theft proving toxic to Illinois Democrats.

  1. “Squeezy,” Quinn’s slur against honest workers calls for a low-level name for him. He, Madigan, Nekritz and the rest are Stabby, who stabs innocent workers in the back. Cue the Psycho stabbing scene music.

  2. I will go out on a limb but I bet the daughter loses. The dem enthusiasm gap will become a grand canyon here. . I think the dear leader is going to find a lot fewer members . The sad thing is if we had union leaders like Karen this guy would have had all his henchmen primaried a long time ago and we would be a happier state

    1. Let me see if I understand this. We vote for Quinn, and presumably other Dem pension thieves, so they will throw their support behind pro-pension judicial candidates, who, in turn, will protect us from future theft attempts by those same Dems. interesting.

      1. Sorry, David, my reply was meant to be attached to the Vanthony comment. My error! Wasn’t paying attention.

  3. If Rauner wins he may be able to appoint a few judges so when the next lawsuit over pensions is filed he’ll have them in his pocket to rule against our pensions, and so much the rights of minorities.

    1. True, Walter. There’s a (sometimes) interesting show on WTTW called “My Chicago,” the premise being that a host/interviewer drives a well-known hometown person around, 2/30-minute episode, so one person is 15 minutes. The episode on Toni Preckwinkle is not to be missed–it’s on ComCast OnDemand (It’s over 8/1; you can probably find it online). What she says about our leaders, voters & elections is part of what you say, Walter, but she also states–well–that WE are the voters (includes herself), & that, in some part, are at fault for who we(‘ve) elected. She goes on to say that–if we don’t like what we’ve got, WE’VE got to run for office (that’s why she did). There’s also a choice response when she’s asked about her relationship w/the mayor. However, you just have to see it for yourself.

  4. I really think that Quinn’s selection of Vallas as his running mate is going to be the key reason as to why he is not going to win this election. There are too many CPS teachers and retired teachers who have a strong dislike for Vallas. Of all the possible running mates, Vallas was his best choice? I would think that an incumbent Governor would have a team of strategists who would have discouraged him from making such a choice.

  5. Madigan and the Dems are still playing the old “lesser of two evils” game. How many people are so sick of them that they will choose another evil even in another state?

    “Portion of people living in Illinois who say they would move elsewhere if they could: 1/2″
    – Harper’s Index in the Harper’s Magazine, August 2014 issue

    1. Ken, I believe you’re correct. That is why I will probably seek out an independent candidate in the next election for Governor in Illinois. Will the independent win? Probably not. But it’s time that people start making a statement against the two party system that is playing a game with the voters, as you point out here in regards to Madigan. The present-day Dems and Republicans will continue to play this game till the cows come home. It’s time for a paradigm shift.

      Minnesota did this not too long ago when the voters elected Jesse Ventura for Independent Governor beating both the Democratic and Republican candidates. We can do the same here in Illinois. By the way Jesse Ventura is not just a popular wrestling buffoon as many people may think. In several of his books, he points out exactly what you (Ken) have stated in regards to the two party system gaming the people. Let’s all wake up and dump these people who are conning us out of our tax dollars and sleeping with corporations for personal gain.

  6. While I like those results, this really is a push-poll. Of course people are going to say they’d vote against someone when they’re specifically told she failed to pursue corruption cases. Also, how in heck could tax and fee *increases* cause state debt? Anyone who chose that option isn’t smart enough to be answering such questions.

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