Gaza, MO. We have gone from “Yes, we can,” to “Don’t shoot me.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 7.16.36 AM

Michael Brown’s mother, Mrs. Lesley McSpadden.

Last night, the people of Ferguson, Missouri were getting tweets from Gaza residents with information on how to deal with tear gas.

Watching the images coming from the St. Louis suburb it was hard to tell the difference between the two occupations.

How does a small suburban town get all this military equipment?

Why do they have tanks and machine guns at the ready? They own this stuff. This junk isn’t to fight crime. It’s to put down civilian populations.

There is no other use for it.

Ferguson isn’t faced with a foreign invasion.

From where? Southern Illinois?

There is no need to ask if the police in Glencoe or Barrington have tanks and machine guns.

But Ferguson, Missouri – a suburban community with a large African-American population but an almost totally white police force – does.

“We ask that any groups wishing to assemble in prayer or in protest do so only during daylight hours in an organized and respectful manner,” said the police chief.

He wanted to save the night time for his work.

Arresting any reporter or citizen who dared to video or photograph it.

The pictures and stories come out of occupied Ferguson anyway.

We live in a country where the chant has gone from, “Yes we can,” to “Don’t shoot me.”


3 thoughts on “Gaza, MO. We have gone from “Yes, we can,” to “Don’t shoot me.”

  1. Don’t be so sure about the “Barringtons” of metro areas not being armed.
    The police in this country have been “arming up” for years, and any articles or notices that did appear in the press or blogs got very little play.
    The police are being armed to protect the govt from the people, not to protect the people, and it took this event for anyone to notice. Sad

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