Hinsdale’s Richard Skoda also causing trouble at the College of Du Page.


Hi Fred,

He’s not just trying to screw up D86, he’s also spearheading the effort to bring down COD.

He’s going to meetings with his old buddies Roger Kempa and Dianne Barret and disrupting the meeting, heckling the board and speakers, and just making up any kind of charges he can. The guy is a sociopath.

First a link to the Preisdent of COD’s response which is pretty good, then some info from a parent.

COD President response:

Click to access 14_ctw0904.pdf

From a parent:

Skoda and company are bringing their extreme, cut-everything agenda to COD,
another bastion of excellence that serves the community well, and does so in a
fiscally responsible manner. Like DC86, COD should be cherished, not attacked.

First, they claim that plans for a new academic building are somehow abusive
to the taxpayer–but COD has the money, and the plans for a new building–just
the plans at this stage–were approved through the democratic process. To date,
the board has authorized a construction plan, not actual construction. They also
claim that the board should fire the college president, who (they say) makes
$500,000 a year, and the board could just terminate at will, as they argue.
Finally, they wanted a tuition freeze–but the board has already approved that

I did some homework to find out what’s really going on at COD, compared to the
allegations by Skoda et al. A bullet point list is attached to this email in
case you were wondering. As usual, you can’t believe a word they say. Sometimes
they lie outright, and sometimes they are selective with the facts in a manner
that amounts to lying.

Video link to the board meeting:

Skoda speaks at 57.26 followed immediately by Kempa. Dianne Barrett speaks at

At the beginning of the meeting Skoda yells out from the audience that closed
session is illegal. He surely knows better than that.

Bullet point list of the facts about the current situation at COD:

  • The board approved the referenda that were responsible for $550 million
    building project.
  • The taxpayers do not need to approve the new building because the board is not
    requesting additional funds to build it. There are sufficient funds to build it.
  • At this point, the board has NOT approved building the building, they have
    committed existing funds toward the building, which has signaled the staff that
    they can work on plans for a building. The board still has to approve the actual
    building once the specifications of the building have been developed.
  • This board inherited the contract for the president. It currently expires June
    30, 2019. His actual SALARY for this FY is $304,887.68. With other contractual
    obligations, it exceeds $400,000, but is closer to that number than $500K.
  • Assuming a number of $400K, if the board asked him to leave, per his contract,
    he would need to be paid the balance due in his contract. So, he is due a lot of
    $$ if there is NO law suit. If he filed a law suit, the price would increase.

Of course, if the board fired him for cause, no payout would be necessary.

However, it requires a board majority of five to fire a president for cause, and
this is unlikely to happen.

4 thoughts on “Hinsdale’s Richard Skoda also causing trouble at the College of Du Page.

  1. It makes me wonder why the only speakers were against the board/president. Aren’t there any pro COD board/president residents who can speak against these Tea Partiers?

  2. The COD administration has historically shown animosity towards unions and has not been treating the Faculty very well, especially adjuncts. Getting pro board/president speakers at DuPage would be similar to getting pro Duncan or pro Rahm speakers from CPS teachers or parents.

  3. This has me thinking. I hear of “Tea Party” members and “ALEC” followers” and “Koch brothers” influence. All are given credit for some crazy anti-democratic behavior bent on bettering the .001% at the cost of everyone else. My question is why do we have to attribute crazy-ass behavior to a particular organization or group? Why are we afraid of pointing the finger and saying “CRAZY”? Yes there are organizations and groups of crazies. But why the hell is everyone so reluctant to point out crazy? I guess it’s for the same reason that people are reluctant to call a “liar” a “liar.” What is wrong with us?

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