The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass is a heartless pig.

The Tribune columnist John Kass is a pig.

This morning he wrote a column – and the Trib printed it  – that demands Karen Lewis come clean about her health.

If she were a private citizen, I wouldn’t write this column, but she’s not exactly a private citizen anymore. She was considering a political challenge to Emanuel and now there are legitimate questions about her health, about whether she can campaign, about whether she could govern.

So just wanted her to know this:

Karen, you’re a public figure now. It was inevitable that the information would get out. Your team should come forward with a full briefing. That’s what the potential candidate owes her city.

My question for Kass: Did you hit the keyboard about this while Karen was in surgery? 

Did you think you were scooping the rest of the ghoulish Chicago press corps with this hard-hitting piece of bullshit journalism?

10 thoughts on “The Chicago Tribune’s John Kass is a heartless pig.

  1. Heartless pig is putting it mildly! Also, the teacher’s union had ALREADY said they would have a news conference later today. Next, he will be acting like the news conference was a result of his column.

  2. Are you saying she does not owe an explanation?
    As a staunch supporter I would think you want one, if she runs she absolutely owes one to the entire city. If she decides not to run then it can all remain private, it truly is no one’s business in that case. Kass may be a heartless pig, but he is not wrong.

    1. I’m saying it is piggish of Kass who writes this garbage column saying she needs to explain herself at the moment Karen is undergoing surgery. And after her people had announced a press briefing this afternoon. Check the time stamp the column was posted. What? The ghoul couldn’t wait 24 hours to write his column? As a staunch supporter I can wait until she is out of surgery.

  3. I ended my twenty-year subscription to the Trib when the editorial staff endorsed Al Salvi over Dick Durbin in 1996. I had finally had it with the Trib’s endorsements of depressingly right-wing candidates. With the likes of Kass and Zorn, the paper seems to have become an even worse corporate rag than it was almost twenty years ago. Though I no longer have a subscription, I’m aware of the Trib’s sorry record regarding Karen, the CTU, general education issues, our pensions, and a host of other issues. It has never outgrown the right-wing tradition of Colonel McCormack. It would be a blessing to Chicago if this corporate rag would die a heroic, free-market death and join the good colonel in his tomb.

  4. It’s no-one’s business UNTIL she formally announces she’s running for public office… right now, it’s between her and her current employer, the Chicago Teachers’ Union…

  5. As I reported a couple of days ago, Kass is also a SCAB heartless pig.

    Kass saved his ass in the newsroom by crossing the picket line. A good career move for a guy who once lived among the proletarians on Altgeld between Sawyer and Kedzie, proudly in a “town house” above that garage that was there. I knew him before he was a scab, but he had more ambition than decency even then…

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