13 thoughts on “Slime Time.

      1. Not really. He’s heavily invested in all the stuff that Gates is doing, especially as far as education.

  1. What did they say that was wrong? Don’t you agree that bad teachers should find another line of work. or should they stay and help form the next generation?

      1. Tenure (in name only) is a problem since SB7. Since then, good teachers are being fired so they can be replaced with lower cost new teachers. If good teachers are being fired so easily, an actual bad teacher could also be fired easily. The statement “it’s nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher” is completely false.

  2. Before the Rwandan genocide there were frequent calls in the Rwandan media to “cut down the tall trees” (understood to be the Tutsis) and “clear away the brush” (Hutus who were married to or otherwise supportive of Tutsis). These frequent calls to get rid of “bad” teachers has a similar feel to me – I think “bad” is intended to be code for “public”.

  3. I hope that teachers flood Time magazine with letters explaining that it is not impossible to get rid of bad teachers. Most admins just lack the will to do so. I have personally seen three bad teachers at my school fired for incompetence (most don’t get tenure in the first place)

  4. A reader on Diane Ravitch’s blog pointed out something I found rather profound. Notice that the apple pictured is a perfectly good, shiny, healthy, blemish-free apple. The gavel is nonetheless pointed to smash it. Very telling.

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