I will be voting February 24th, 2015.


The response to my In These Times article has been overwhelmingly and suprisingly positive. Both the failure of a Quinn turnout in Chicago and the unusual number of comments by names I don’t know on my Facebook page and on my blog demonstrate that my view about not voting for Quinn or anybody in the Illinois governor’s race was not exactly out of the mainstream.

However, just to be clear, I will be voting on February 24th.

You will be reading a lot about our great progressive challengers to Rahm Emanuel in the Chicago campaign for mayor.

And progressive aldermanic challengers like Carlos Rosa in my own 35th ward.

And others around the city who are running for aldermanic seats.

It will be a campaign to change the political landscape of Chicago.  It is a single campaign of many candidates committed to electing our school board and service to neighborhoods instead of La Salle Street.

I like Susan Sadlowski Garza’s efforts in the the east side 10th ward.

And Tim Meegan nearby in the 33rd.

And Tara Stamps in the 37th.

Tammie Vinson in my old Austin neighborhood.

Zerlina Smith in the 29th and Dianne Daleiden in the 40th.

And I’m still learning about others.

Election politics that arise out of a grass-roots movement – from the streets – are the kind of politics and the kind of elections I love.

I’ve heard from people over the past few days who want to slit their wrists or move to Argentina because of last Tuesday’s results.

Take a breath.

If you live in Chicago and are into elections, the next few months are made for you.

And me.

One thought on “I will be voting February 24th, 2015.

  1. To all the challengers and their supporters – why don’t you organize a TIF Town Meeting for your ward and call it something like “They Closed My School and Gave a Billionaire Millions of Our Tax Dollars – the Story of TIFs in Chicago” – we just did our 25th community meeting last night. Check out http://www.tifreports.com. Contact us to learn more – info@civiclab.us.

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