It’s the teachers’ fault.


It actually has taken a little longer than I thought it would.

It wasn’t Darren Wilson’s gun that killed Michael Brown. Or the illegal chokehold by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo that brought Eric Garner down.

It’s teachers who are at fault.

Oh. And our unions.

And Black fathers.

Says Rudy Giuliani, “Maybe all these left-wing politicians that want to blame police, maybe there’s some blame here that has to go to the teachers union, for refusing to have, for refusing to have schools where teachers are paid for performance, for fighting charter schools, for fighting vouchers, so we can drastically and dramatically improve the education situation. Maybe they should be talking about and holding rallies about the problem of black fathers taking care of the children they fathered,” he said.

Nonetheless, he conceded that police need retraining in courtesy, and that the continued troubles blacks face are a result of historic injustice.

“All of this I don’t see as racial. This is all a product of the terrible things that happened what someone called I think was the biggest sin in American history, was slavery,” Mr. Giuliani said.

Yep. I think someone called it that.


8 thoughts on “It’s the teachers’ fault.

  1. Maybe since Mr. Guliani pointed out “that biggest sin in American history”, he could go a step further and point out that since slavery, African-Americans have not really gotten a fair portion of the pie. America is still (slowly) evolving from the sin to which Mr. Guliani made reference. It’s my opinion that reparations are in order for the families of those who were victims of that sin.

    Reparations can (but don’t have to) come in the form of a check made out to an individual. Another way that a reparation can be made would be to keep a school open that may have been scheduled for closing. I’m talking about a school where the attendees are descendants of those who were victimized by “that sin…” that Mr. Guliani made reference to. The finest of educational resources: computers, labs, band and orchestra, art programs, extra teachers, etc. could be a part of that reparation.

  2. It was only a matter of time before SOMEONE blamed the teachers. In the past, it certainly would have been Michelle Rhee, but, since she’s made all the money she wants and more, & she’s lost some of her cachet with the reform folks, she’s not heard from.

    And it’s also our fault that people are unemployed, that the mortgage crisis occurred, that we had two World Wars and that twerking exists.

  3. An example of Rudy’s judgment was to put New York’s emergency communications system into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center prior to 9-11-2001. What could possibly go wrong? Hawking reverse mortgages with Fred Thompson and the Fonz could bring him some measure of relevance. As far as his unscripted psycho-babble, consider the source.

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