Rahm’s walk in the PARCC.


The Chicago Tribune came out busting Rahm and CPS CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett’s chops on the issue delaying the PARCC test.

PARCC is the assessment component of the Common Core curriculum

Educators know that curriculum and assessment are inseparable. Rahm and BBB should be salivating over getting PARCC results. Wouldn’t PARCC results show the success of their school reform agenda?

Oddly they want to delay district-wide implementation of PARCC.

BBB says the delay is because the technology is not ready.

But the Trib points out her excuse is nonsense and that they can give the test by paper and pencil.

Every Chicago student should be taking that test. But Chicago Public Schools has waved the white flag. It has surrendered. CPS isn’t ready for the test, so only about 10 percent of its schools will give it this year.

The Trib is wrong about the value of PARCC and Common Core for reasons we have gone into before.

But they are right about asking the question: Why aren’t Rahm and Byrd-Bennett willing to give the test this year?

And it is doubtful they will want to give it next year. If they are still around.

It will show that Common Core is bad curriculum.

Garbage in. Garbage out.

Says Catalyst on their Facebook page:

Wow. A Chicago Tribune editorial accuses CPS of refusing to administer the PARCC districtwide because district leaders are afraid of the results. They also call CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett’s reason for the decision phony. Byrd-Bennett says the district is not ready because some schools lack the technology to administer the computer-based test. But the editorial points out that there is a paper and pen version and CPS could use it in schools that do not have enough computers.

Phony is right.

As phony as their whole top-down corporate driven school reform effort.

3 thoughts on “Rahm’s walk in the PARCC.

  1. I wonder if this is the start of Rahm shedding key team members in the name of accountability. I wonder if they are volleying to ‘Michelle Rhee’ Bennett.

  2. The question now will be: Which schools will still have to administer the PARCC. And as of this weekend, CPS has refused to reveal those schools. The response to one FOIA request for the names of the “ten percent” was that CPS has no documents responsive to the request. Everyone should be asking which schools those are by Wednesday’s Board of Education meeting. Then the real fun can begin, because the parents and kids at those schools still can organize for Opt Out, and 50 or 60 schools (basically, ten percent) will be a lot fewer to focus on than last year, when we had to get to 500 or more for the equally silly ISAT — and opting out of it during its meaningless year.

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