Bruce Rauner wants us whistling a little Dixie.


Illinois’ Governor Bruce Rauner was in Decatur yesterday explaining his Right-to-Work Zones.

This idea came to him on the campaign trail. Maybe handed to him by ALEC or the Koch bros.

As you know, right-to-work states thrive in the land of the Old Confederacy. Down in Dixie union shops are often illegal.

And this works for the benefit of bosses in the North. When union workers Up North ask for a raise, companies engaged in contract bargaining can use the threat of moving south.

“Take a pay cut or we move to Mississippi.”

Or they close shop and move south.

Here’s what Rauner said a few months ago:

“Create opportunities where our state is really suffering the most. Create opportunities of more flexibility where they can innovate and really create environments that are very attractive to business,” the wealthy businessman told AP in the recent interview. “What I’d love to do is travel, on my nickel, recruiting companies to come to those zones and … create some true economic growth in some of the most impoverished neighborhoods.”

The zones would “allow local communities to decide whether workers must join a union in order to get a job,” according to Rauner’s website. He told AP such zones would give counties and cities control.

But unions and Quinn blasted the idea – which has already been contentious between unions and Republican governors elsewhere – as hurting workers and unions.

Rauner wants little pockets of Dixie throughout Illinois until he can pack us all up and move the whole state South.

I’m not talking about what Anne and I have been doing this last week.

We have been enjoying Florida weather in January.

However, as a working teacher I liked working in a cold union state over whistling Dixie.

Rauner’s only obstacle are the Democrats in the state legislature.

They are a wobbly obstacle at best.

It will require our unions to keep Democratic Party bosses like Madigan and Cullerton from joining in singing a chorus of Dixie.

Are we up to the task?

I am.

I hate that song.

9 thoughts on “Bruce Rauner wants us whistling a little Dixie.

  1. Indiana has passed the Right-to-work for nothing law. It busts unions and was protested in Indianapolis by 32,000 people before being passed into law.

    I can’t figure out the use of having businesses if they pay workers nothing. The profits then only go to the top where CEO’s can get huge salaries and bonuses.

    In Indiana our governor also didn’t want businesses to pay property taxes. The state is suffering from lack of income so public schools are underfunded.

    Gov. Pence is a Tea Party governor who believes he is a good candidate for President based on Indiana’s having a budget. The budget comes from underfunding everything.

  2. Don’t want to give anyone a choice to be in a union or not, force them to join, take $ from the paycheck before they see it, it’s the American way right? Sorry, I meant the union way.
    Look around to Mich, Indiana, Mo and Wisc. All growing with reduced tax rates, increasing business. Real economic growth. Illinois can’t even get out of its own way.
    I really think more taxes will lead to economic growth.

  3. Rauner must be dining with Wisconsins Governor and Senator. Nice place for wine and cheese and shoot defenseless animals that don’t carry guns. Americans will awaken, I hope soon. Greece had enough austerity, we are next.

  4. This is a Rauner tactic to “divide and conquer”. Instead of having this be a statewide question, he is trying to present it as something for “local governments to decide”. Thus if one location passes “right to work”, nearby areas will pass it to remain “competitive”. This will cause unions to have to fight hundreds of individual governments and school boards at the same time. Rauner will then sit back and watch as unions deplete their resources and lose members. Rauner’s threat to destroy Local 150 would be carried out.

    Legislators names, phone numbers, and their position on these issues are needed. We all need to call and tell them we are opposed to this.

  5. Right to work for less is not the only bad idea they have down south. Exactly how does he intend to cut more jobs at IDOT?

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