Dan Biss and the political cost to Democrats of pension theft.

dan biss

A key factor in Bruce Rauner getting the keys to the Springfield governor’s mansion is the role that Democrats and Pat Quinn played in pension theft.

Public employees and retired public employees across the state would not vote for Quinn because of his role in passing and signing Senate Bill 1.

$30 million dollars in public employee union PAC money could not save Quinn from the anger of public employees and retired.

An interesting poll in the Illinois Observer this morning.

Dan Biss is the Democratic State Senator from Skokie.

On many social issues Biss is a traditional liberal Democrat. But he is known among public employee union members throughout Illinois as a pension thief for his outspoken leadership in support of pension cuts.

The talk has always been that Dan Biss has higher ambitions than being a Skokie State Senator.

His next step is State Comptroller. That is the office Judy Baar Topinka held until her death shortly after the election.

In the poll cited by the Illinois Observer, Biss is being beaten by Leslie Munger. Munger was appointed by Rauner to fill the spot until a new election.

Who is Leslie Munger?


Biss is polling 60% in heavily Democratic Chicago. But Munger is getting 20% in Chicago, where public employees were not even directly impacted by SB1. And the general rule is that if a Republican polls 20% in Chicago, the Democrat is toast.

Voters downstate reject Biss over Republican Munger by 6%.

700,000 voters outside of Chicago are in a public pension system or are retired and collecting from one.

They know Biss’ name very well.

Call this the Quinn Rule.

Working family voters expect Democrats to defend their interests against the wealthy. If they fail to do that then they will run into trouble with working family voters.

17 thoughts on “Dan Biss and the political cost to Democrats of pension theft.

  1. Neikritz is going to be on the Dick Kay radio program next Saturday. 1PM 820 AM. Probably for an hour or so – I wonder if she will take calls?

  2. I think that guys like Dan Biss, Pat Quinn, and Rahm Emmanuel, are becoming responsible for causing people to lose faith in the Democratic Party. As a result of their actions more people are becoming “independent” voters.

    If Bernie Sanders chooses to run as a Presidential candidate I hope that he decides to run as an Independent. It can be done. Jesse Ventura did it and became Governor of Minnesota. Sanders did it and became Senator in Vermont. I have been hearing talk about him becoming a Democrat if he throws his hat into the Presidential ring. I’m not sure if I like the sound of that.

    1. I agree with you. But let’s also include Nekritz and Madigan with your group. Many of us have come to the realization that many Democratic leaders in this State apparently no longer reflect the principles of the Democratic Party Instead, it seems they represent their own interests, and the interest of the rich and powerful. They are constantly putting it seems their own self interests, including their political interests above the interests of all citizens of this State and above their duty of defending rule of law and the US and Illinois constitutions

  3. The unions look weak -well it makes you weak . All the money wasted on Quinn and Dillard could have primaried a lot of Madigan henchmen…..or Biss. The unions need to stop cowering- the Dem Party is in dire shape, It needs our Illinois unions because it now faces the Hillary disaster

    This is a freaking nightmare Scott Walker WILL beat her in Ohio and Wisconsin . How can she run against a Koch employee at least he can defend them as Americans…GEEZE. These donors are on the HSBC international criminals list .
    The unions actually ought to start a new progressive party with others who are sick of this crap -the dead stub of the Demo party can just join the GOP

    1. There was an article about Hillary in a recent edition of Mother Jones. She was across the pond pushing the benefits of fracking (along with some heavyweight Republicans) to European countries who were hoping that they wouldn’t have to depend on the Mid East for oil. Hillary and her fellow US politicians from both parties had a little side thing going with some big US corporations. It was nice to see this display of bi-partisan cooperation as they spoon fed their promises to these European leaders. Hillary, if elected, will be to the US what Quinn was to Illinois, but only on a much larger scale. http://www.motherjones.com/environment/2014/09/hillary-clinton-fracking-shale-state-department-chevron

      1. Tsk, tsk, JR–don’t you know it is “safe” “fracturing,” which is making the U.S. the leading oil producer in the world? (You must watch more TV–this commercial–brought to us by the Oil and Gas Industry–is on constantly.)
        And, it must be true, because it’s on TV!

  4. Bernie has been in Iowa recently so he looks like he will do it as a dem . There is always suspicion he is placeholdling for Elisabeth Warren …Because if we have a Hillary meltdown and todays news is well something ……it wont be Biden or the ex MD gov who are also hanging out in Iowa ……..
    The IPI attempted a hit piece on the unions today . They called it a book -more like a first grade book report if that . So stupid it made points against them. The “union bosses” are hardly overpaid big spenders wasting our dues -quite the opposite -anyhow the only interesting part is the list of our biggest political donations ……and they don’t make the IPI s point ….the IPI dishonestly mixed them in making iot looks like union dues go to donations which they don’t
    Anyway the Unions spend 6.5 million a cycle and wasted a lot on Quinn and Blago and there are some pension thieves there too …My complaint against the Unions has been ineffective political spending …..We could learn that one thing from IPI and Rauner its benefactor….They do spend and they do expect certain results for that spending and we are seeing that now ………..They sure don’t give their benefactors the kick in the teeth we get

    BTW Most if not all our GOP donees were against the pension theft . Very few of those get much IPI/Civic club money. Rauner is threatening them with his 20 million fund Clearly these are the members we should jump to defend …Look if we have to spend all 6.5 million -or more and there will be more donations if we fight on the GA it will be worth it

    1. David, I so appreciate your comments/information. I have been repeatedly stating that people need to read Carl Bernstein’s book (2007, I think, & keep forgetting the title, but easily Googled). In particular, the part about there needing to be “a villain” (something Bill did while Gov. or Whitewater) to deflect attention from the situation. The “villain” she chose was/were the Arkansas Teachers. I think it’s on p. 473 (yeah, it’s a long book), but it tells you something. Anyway–I am heartened by your Iowa/Bernie info. Yes, he MUST run!

  5. Rauners victory should send a strong message to Democratic power brokers to support the working man. If you don’t, you will not be supported at election time.

  6. I’m a retired Illinois public employee and I voted for Quinn despite his record because I realized Rauner would be much worse, not only for public employees, but on a number of other issues. He may have been the lesser of two evils and I may have gotten some satisfaction by not voting for him, but for my broad based, long term good I supported him & the unions were right to support him too. He was the only choice. Many voted based on their anger, and now Rauner is in power, and many more didn’t vote at all based on one issue, or to send a message of some kind, or just out of apathy. Thank God we still have Democratic senators and representatives to reduce the damage Rauner would like to inflict, and have a Supreme Court that seems to respect the constitution. Maybe the Supreme Court will uphold fair share….it’s called FAIR share because it is less than union members pay in dues so in effect those who pay FAIRshare don’t pay for political ads and activities…. they pay for the other union expenses and they certainly benefit from strong unions.

    1. Most Democratic voters, including public employees, voted for Quinn. But elections are won and lost on margins. There is little doubt that public employees in the pensions systems were angry at Quinn and enough left the Governor’s line blank to make a difference in the outcome. In spite of $30 million spent by our unions to convince them otherwise. You can continue the argument. But that is the reality.

  7. Biss will be at The Merion (formerly North Shore Retirement Hotel)- 1611 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, this Monday, Feb. 16th at 7 PM “A Talk with Senator Daniel Biss–Retirement Policy in Illinois: Working Toward a More Secure Tomorrow.” This full-page, color ad insert in the papers yesterday says, “Presented by MidLife Ventures (‘Putting the Pieces Together!’)” The synopsis-“Join Illinois State Senator Daniel Biss to discuss the many facets of Illinois’ retirement policy, both public and private. Senator Biss, who played a key role in crafting the legislature’s pension reform bill and recently sponsored a private sector retirement bill, will discuss the nation’s looming retirement crisis and what policies and practices can be put in place to help Illinois’ citizens save for a secure retirement.”

    In caps.–“FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC” and “Light Refreshments to be Served and Tours Available After the Program.” (The Merion, BTW, is “Chicagoland’s newest luxury retirement apartment community…beautifully furnished apartments situated in an environment suited for those with the most discerning taste and expectations. The Merion is for those who have worked hard and played hard.” (This is the back of the full-page, color ad. The Merion is owned by Horizon Realty Group.)

    Anyway, recommend that you arrive EARLY (parking situation not the best–not because you might miss the “light refreshments!”)–it SHOULD be packed–by US.

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