Bruce and Rahm share donors and agendas.

Culled from Illinois Board of Elections committee and contributions searches:

Ken Griffin/Citadel (and wife Anne): Rauner, over $13 million | Emanuel, over $435k

Joe Mansueto/Morning Star: Rauner: $200k+ | Emanuel: $160k ($100k/Chicago Forward; $10k/Chicago Committee; $50k/Chicago for RE)

John Buck, the John Buck Company: Rauner: $97k+ | Emanuel:$83,000 ($73k+, Chicago for RE; $10k, Chicago Committee)

Benjamin and Cynthia Chereskin/Founder & CEO, Profile Capital Management: Rauner, $85k+ | Emanuel, $10k

Donald Edwards/Flexpoint (formerly worked for Rauner’s GTCR): Rauner: $100k+ | Emanuel: $225,000 ($20,500, Chicago Committee; $205k+, Chicago for RE)

Byron (and Tina) Trott – Founder, Chairman, & CEO, BDT Capital Partners: Rauner: $136,300 | Emanuel: $65,600, (Chicago for RE)

Donald “Don” Wilson – Founder & CEO, DRW Trading Group: Rauner: $79k+ | Emanuel: $55k, plus another $30k to Chicago Committee. | DRW employees have given Citizens for RE a total of $204,500 and the Chicago Committee a total of $40k

Glen Tullman, founder and managing partner, 7Wire Ventures, (per Greg Will) a firm that invests in “innovative ideas” in healthcare, education, and energy. A prominent 7Wire investment is Education Funding Partners which pursues corporate marketing “sponsorships” for major school districts. | Rauner: $285,600 (Glen and Patricia — Rauner’s 10th largest donor) | Emanuel: $10,600 (Glen and Patricia)

The Chicago Committee has received $110k+ from Chicago for Rahm Emanuel, which was its first donor in 3/11).

9 thoughts on “Bruce and Rahm share donors and agendas.

  1. Our politicians have to remember that when the people finally get fed up with not being represented out come the torches and pitchforks!

  2. Fred,
    My question is why is this news? You act like the relationship between pols and their donors is something new. We all know that unions and their PACS would never stoop to such lowly tactics as giving $ to a pol and expecting something in return. I know, it’s ok for the unions because it’s “for the people”.
    There is nothing illegal here, so instead of bitching about it do something to change the law for everybody. There is way to much $ involved in politics, period.
    Every candidate should be give x $ to run a race and that is all he gets. In other words a level playing field. No incumbent advantage on the $ raising.
    If your guy gets into the mayors office, just print this blog again, you’ll just have to change the names of the donors, but probably not all of them.
    Check with the union honchos before you say to much about donating $, you don’t want to cramp their style.

    1. Until campaign donation law is changed (if it ever is) the public should know where a candidate’s allegiance lies. The public may assume that a Democratic candidate does have the people’s interest at heart whereas the agenda of rahmies donors tell a different tale. He is a repug in dem’s clothing. When he takes from them, befriends them and acts like them he is one of them. The public should be made aware in the post public manner and not have it hidden from them on a blog or have to hunt the information down.

    2. You two are so defensive that you miss the point entirely. It’s not news that Rahm and Rauner get tens of millions in donations from their billionaire buddies. Everyone knows that. The point, numb-nuts, is that they share donors even though one pretends to be in one party and the other pretends to be in another. Look. I don’t mind if you troll here. Just try and follow the conversation.

  3. I hope that this is a surprise to no one. Can’t you all just envision them high-fiving each other, saying something like, “We own Chicago AND ILL-Annoy!” ? Jumping up & down for joy, they are–rubbing their hands together with $$$ signs agleam in their eyes. A travesty of a sham of an injustice of a travesty of a sham (or whatever that was that Woody Allen said). An Onion story come true…& just like an onion, it stinks!

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