The wink.

Duncan And Emmanuel Promote Education Dept's Summer Reading Initiative

Rahm just gave us white folks the wink.

Some pollyannas probably thought we could get through a Chicago election without the wink.


You can always count on the wink when the polls show a dead heat.

And the last polling of the Chicago race for mayor shows a dead heat.

Bill Clinton had his wink. They called it his Sister Souljah Moment.

Ronald Reagan winked at us white folks when he began his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Some of you younger readers may not have been around for the first George Bush’s wink. It was named Willie Horton.

And I always loved Richie Daley’s wink: “Chicago needs a wet mayor,” he later claimed he said.

“A wet mayor!” I kind of miss Richie.

But then I don’t.

Give Rahm some credit. He tried to avoid the wink. In the primary. He just answered every reporter’s question and every debate topic by saying, “I’m for the kids.” 

Now that things have tightened up though, he has reverted to form.


There it is. That’s the wink.

Eddie Murphy did this classic bit on SNL called White Like Me. He put on white face make-up and discovered that when Black people weren’t around then white people gave everything away for free to each other.

The kernal of truth in that comedy bit is the wink.

Republican Senator Mark Kirk endorsed Rahm this week:

“It’s a concern if we had one of the less-responsible people running against him,” Kirk said at the event in Chicago. “None of them could command the respect of the bond market. The collapse of Chicago debt — which already happened with Detroit — would soon follow if somebody who is very inexperienced replaced Rahm. …You’ve got to have a strong, capable leader and the people I’ve seen running against the mayor are not that leader.”

There it was.


And I don’t think for a moment this wasn’t part of the Rahm election strategy.

Kirk is a north shore Republican.  Rahm is from up there too. They don’t use the other word when talking about people of color. At least not in public.

Up there they say things like the “less-responsible people” who are “very inexperienced”  and will turn Chicago into “Detroit.”

But you know what he means. You know who he means.


13 thoughts on “The wink.

  1. Mayor is for the kids, union is for he kids, everybody is for the kids. Yeah, right!!!!
    In the words of that famous urban philosopher Slats Grobnick “where’s mine”.

  2. As we approach April 7, millions will be spent on ads by the “winker” telling us altered truths about what he has done for the children. Much of those millions will be spent on telling us how bad of a guy Chuy is.

    There are South Side neighborhoods that have had bad streets long in need of repair. These streets are suddenly loaded with construction trucks blocking streets off as crews work to get these improvements made (by April 7). In most years you wouldn’t see this type of activitity with road construction until after the last bit of snow and ice has melted and the weather has warmed somewhat. Funny what an election year can do to a politician!

  3. I think someone should print a thesaurus devoted exclusively to racist white code words. it would be a very thick book indeed.

  4. anonymous,

    whoever you are. black people can be prejudiced. they can NOT be racist. in order to be racist you have to be a part of the power structure. in case you haven’t noticed, black people have not been a part of the power structure in this country for the last 300 or so years, give or take a few.

  5. Besides the wink, Rahm likes to use that “thumbs up” gesture. In a recent video on this site linked to the hospitality workers, Rahm did a great job of using that “thumbs up” gesture. Every time he used it an applause seemed to follow.

  6. When I heard Senator Mark Kirk’s fear-mongering, “the sky will fall” endorsement of Mayor Rahm Emanuel, I found it not only disingenuous, but also troubling. I always find it interesting when politicians clamor that, “If we don’t elect (whomever) everything will fall apart!” I’ve come to realize that this type of logic can be summed up with one of my favorite quotes: “The cemetery is full of indispensable people.” Fortunately, no matter what tragedy befalls us, the world continues on whether we’re here or not. We all end up horizontal and six-feet under.

    I will not be voting for Kirk when he comes up for re-election simply because he is not a leader. He never takes a position on things until well after the public decides which way the wind is blowing. In short, he has no backbone when it comes to important issues that affect the everyday citizen.

    1. I will not be voting for Kirk because he is anti-public employee, anti-union, and expressed his support for pension theft in Illinois.

  7. Mike, I guess it depends on what definition of racism you choose to use. I would assume that you would then agree that those in the minority would be “bigots” based on the same circumstances. I can accept that. Either way, there are far too many of both racists and bigots on this earth. Like I said in a previous post, it does go both ways. In my opinion, many of those in both the majority and minority are at fault and it will take a lot of understanding by both in order to move forward in a positive direction.

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