5 thoughts on “Don’t need no more Rahm.

  1. “Aw shucks, Rahm. I know, I know…you really didn’t mean it. You’re really a good guy.” After catching Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s latest political ad that’s sort of the feeling I was getting. But it might be a case of, “too little, too late.”

    “Politics ain’t bean-bag” and that may be the old methodology of how it works, but in today’s “kinder, gentler” world where bullying is strongly admonished, Emanuel’s act may have worn too thin to save his job.

    Nobody likes to work with or for a bully whose ego and overly-certainness runs rampant. You keep treating people badly and with disrespect, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll turn on and/or away from you. Mayor Emanuel is savvy enough to know that “perception is reality” in politics.

    But truthfully, this is just a distraction with no real importance. As a suburbanite who has studied Chicago politics for nearly 50 years, I would advise both the mayor and Mr. Garcia to present their plans (short-and-long term) for improving the south and west sides of the city. The citizens don’t need apologies. They don’t need meritless accusations on pointless topics. The citizens need and deserve substance. They need concrete policies and viable “action plans” that will improve their everyday lives.

    With four weeks left, we need to hear what each of these candidates for mayor is going to do to help them rise out of their current situations? The downtown and northside areas of the city will always take care of themselves and survive. Remember Mr. Emanuel and Mr. Garcia, Chicago will only be as strong as its weakest links. I’ll hang up and listen for your answers.

    1. With all due respect Lee, for those of us in the City, we have already heard and seen too much from the Mayor about what he is going to do about the current situation, short term and long. I will not wait for four weeks. I will vote for Chuy at the soonest opportunity.

  2. It would be great to think that the people of Chicago will not re-elect a bully, however the people of Illinois just elected a bully.

  3. Let’s hope this Blues song is Chuy’s version of “Happy Days are Here Again”, another Progressive’s theme song…

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