Breaking. Chicago officials are heading for Rahm’s office demanding release of donor emails.


From David Sirota:

Chicago elected officials have just announced they are heading to Rahm Emanuel’s office today at 3pm to demand the release of more than 1,500 emails between Emanuel, his top aide and his top donor. International Business Times broke the original story earlier this week that Emanuel denied IBTimes’ open records request for the documents. The elected officials, including two aldermen and Cook County Clerk David Orr, will be holding a press conference at City Hall at 3pm after formally demanding the emails from Emanuel.

This story was released by Sirota yesterday.

Amazingly nobody in the Chicago media picked up on it.


Here is a portion of yesterday’s story by Sirota and a link to the entire article.

Heading into the final days of campaigning for re-election, incumbent Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has faced intensifying criticism for being too close to the city’s financial elite. Precisely how close, though, remains a matter of conjecture — and most likely will remain so until after the Tuesday runoff vote. That’s because Emanuel’s administration has for weeks blocked the release of correspondence between his administration and one of the Democratic mayor’s top donors, Michael Sacks. The administration has also refused to release details about tens of millions of dollars in shadowy no-bid city payments to some of Emanuel’s largest campaign contributors.

Sacks did not respond to an International Business Times request for him to personally release the emails. Emanuel’s office declined IBTimes’ request for comment about why the city blocked the release of the records. Emanuel had publicly promised “to have the most open, accountable and transparent government that the City of Chicago has ever seen.”

The CEO of the Chicago private equity firm Grosvenor, Sacks has been described as Emanuel’s closest ally in the private sector, and has been called Emanuel’s “go-to guy” and his “top troubleshooter.” He and his wife have donated over $1.6 million to Emanuel’s campaign and affiliated PACs and, according to the Chicago Tribune, he has lavished the mayor with gifts.

11 thoughts on “Breaking. Chicago officials are heading for Rahm’s office demanding release of donor emails.

  1. I called both the Sun Times and Tribune and sent the IBT article link to them via email. Of course neither were aware of it when I called them…tired of living in a combination of Mayberry and the USSR!

  2. I called both the Sun Times and Tribune – neither had heard the story of course, so I sent them the link to the IBT article. So tired of living in a combination of Mayberry and the USSR!

  3. Didn’t make any of the local news channels @ 6 & 10, as far as I was able to check. Did anybody see this story broadcast? I know, I’s just so much more important to see/hear if Wrigley Field will be ready on time for Sunday’s opener! (And why an opening ball game on Easter Sunday? Even stores aren’t open.)
    Anyway–on a happier note–just saw two terrific, hard-hitting Chuy commercials while channel-surfing the 10 PMs. Go, Chuy!

  4. Please keep us updated with what comes of this….if anything. At this time I haven’t heard anything from the media. Thanks Fred.

    1. You’re probably right. The local media is perfectly reliable in deciding what is important to cover and what is not. I think you can sleep well tonight believing that. Between Eric Zorn and Dan Mihalopoulos you are in good hands. Notice, by the way, that this morning’s Chicago Tribune did not have a single story on the race for mayor on the front page.

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