They’re called trackers

When your billionaire Wall Street buddies have given you $30 million to spend on your campaign for mayor of Chicago, you can afford the extras.

Like trackers.

You can find them at every event where Jesus Chuy Garcia is speaking.

Like this morning at Darwin Elementary School in my neighborhood.

Chuy was there to talk about Rahm’s bad financial deals that have cost Chicago Public Schools a billion dollars. These toxic bank deals can be renegotiated.  Rahm claims they are contracts and cannot be changed.

This is an odd claim given the Mayor’s attitude towards pension contracts.

On the edge of the crowd of parents and reporters was the tracker with her mini-cam.

Her hope was to catch Chuy saying something that opposition research could use to embarrass him.

Failing that they take disconnected clips and create Chuy say something he hasn’t said by putting clips together out of context.

This was Rahm’s specialty in the Clinton campaign.

Tracking is usually assigned to the campaign employee on the bottom rung of the ladder.

Or the one you wouldn’t trust to go get the coffee order right at Dunkin Donuts.

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