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May 4th and 15th, 1970. Four students killed at Kent State in Ohio and two students killed at Jackson State in Mississippi protesting the invasion of Cambodia and American racism. The dead were Jeffrey Miller, Allison Krause, William Schroeder, Sandra Scheuer, Phillip Gibbs and James Green.

It estimated that more than half of private equity costs charged to United States pension funds were not being disclosed.

EduShysterLast question. StudentsFirst pays bloggers to promote its particular brand of education reform on social media. How is what EdPost does any different?

Cunningham: I don’t know that it is. We hire bloggers and we subsidize bloggers who are already out there and who we want to support or give more lift. I think it’s fine. As you know, I have all this money. I have to spend it.

During his campaign for governor, Gov. Bruce Rauner said he wanted to oversee the most transparent administration in history.

But three months into his term, Rauner’s team won’t reveal who is involved in a series of high-level talks about some of the governor’s most prized pet issues, ranging from his controversial plan to allow local right-to-work laws to an overhaul of state spending.

“They are private meetings,” Rauner spokeswoman Catherine Kelly said late last week. “They are private discussions that we’re keeping confidential to protect the process.”


More than 500 residents and union members of Jefferson County in southern Illinois turned up at their county board meeting April 26 to slam the door on Gov. Bruce Rauner’s anti-worker “turnaround resolution,” aimed at reducing wages for working-class families by passing local “right-to-work” laws.

Winston and Strawn’s Dan Webb gets $1300 an hour defending the City of Ferguson. That doesn’t include the rest of the firm’s hourly charges.

Before his principal-training company came under federal criminal scrutiny for its lucrative deal with Chicago Public Schools, Gary Solomon previously faced allegations he used racial slurs in emails sent as a north suburban high school dean, according to documents released Thursday by his former employers.

Solomon is one of the owners of SUPES Academy, which received a $20.5 million no-bid contract from CPS in 2013. The FBI is investigating the awarding of the contract, and CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett — who once worked for SUPES — has taken a paid leave of absence after the existence of the federal corruption probe became public recently.

12 thoughts on “Sunday posts, pics and tweets.

  1. I was a college junior at NIU when the shootings occurred at Kent State. I recall the outrage and fear as National Guard troops were called in to patrol the campus! We’re were living in a police state suppressing our right to assemble just because an Ohio Grardsman lost control.

  2. Still waiting for the Emanuel/Sachs emails to emerge. Why isn’t anyone pressing the fact that it’s been several hundred hours past the 77 rahmie promised for delivery?

  3. Ironically down at SIU in May of ’70, the National Guard was not looked upon as the “enemy”. They were just kids like us. In fact someone I knew was in Wheeler Hall with other students in a “sit down” protest, when his guard unit was called up. He had to leave Wheeler and come back in his guard uniform on the “other side”!!

  4. The Kent State Massacre is an event forever in my memory. I had just left our district’s central office at which I signed my first teaching contract for the next fall. I got into my car, turned on the radio, and heard the news of the killings. My moment of elation immediately turned into shock, then anger. What a start to a career!

  5. “Gov Rauner gave a news conference to himself, then emailed it to reporters.”

    And how many of those “reporters” dutifully aired it for him, sans Ahern’s irony?

  6. Fred, I was at Ft. Dix, NJ at this time. Going to Oakland Army Ter. for the flight over the pond. The protest was about the WAR…not racism…OH, just to remind you…mb according
    to you got shot in the back 4 times….stop adding shit freddie…stick to the facts!!
    took that off your site fast…ha…….

    1. Once again you are wrong. The students at Jackson State were killed by the police in protests of racism.

  7. Rauner’s strategy is to be relentless and secretive. Hopefully the Democratic super-majorities in both houses will stop him dead in his tracks. This one-term governor’s mantra is privatization of everything. Only the rich will get richer…that’s what all this is about. You watch…anything that’s gets privatized will be touted as “a cheaper and more efficient way to do business.” Once the smoke has cleared there will be what I term “economic creep” — a slow rise in the costs associated with this action.
    It’s like when I was in Washington D.C. at the beginning of our district’s Comprehensive School Reform efforts. After about two hours I turned to everyone and said, “This is nothing but H.M.O.’s for schools.”

    Anyway, check out the video of the two links provided — On Fox News Sunday — Mike Flannery interviews Rep. Jack Franks and State Sen. Christine Radogno. They essentially say that Rauner thinks he’s the king.

    1. I could not disagree more with you Lee!! Privatizing is the answer to all our problems!! It’s a great way to save tax payer money. One perfect example of how well privatizing works is the parking meters!! That was such a brilliant…………….Oh wait!!!!!!……..never mind!!!!!!

  8. RE: Roiner (not a misspelling–roi-=French for king)–commentary wise, we are all stating the obvious. Now, question is, what can we do about it? Fred & readers are pretty sharp–among all of us, start looking for impeachable offenses.

    As for both Jackson & Kent State, as well as the other college campuses in the U.S., when I read about Emperor Arne & his comments
    about forcing students to take CCRAP (silly parents–opting out is for kids!)–& having just seen the doc, The Death of the 60s–this sickening thought came to mind: Arne wants to make K-8 Kent State (that is, someone had said–I believe on Ravitch’s blog–that he/she wanted to know if this would mean Arne sending the National Guard to elementary schools throughout the land). I’m not being my often facetious self here.

    1. I believe there are things that are not connected to the misuse and abuse of standardized testing. This is one

  9. Oh, also–BTW, didn’t Blagojevich get into trouble for conducting most of his gubernatorial business over his home phone? Somehow, it seems worse for a guv to give himself a press conference to himself, then e-mail it! (Like it’s a business memo, such as one who runs a business–& not a state–would do?!)

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