17 thoughts on “We told you so. Illinois Supreme Court is unanimous on pension rights.

  1. It is sad, and absurd, that so much $$$$ had to be spent to defend our pensions, AND THE VERY CLEAR (ie Plain English) WORDING of the pension clause in the IL Constitution. When the Constitution was written, the pension clause was included to keep the legislative morons from playing games with pension security.
    Now…….it’s on to defending our health insurance subsidy.

  2. About damned time…….not that this will necessarily stop the relentless pension crooks.

    1. Well, Mayor (1%) seems to think Chicago has some kind of home rule and that state decision is separate. Any thoughts on this one anyone?

  3. The flagship of “Nekritz-Biss & Associates, The Pension Theft Experts” just hit the iceberg and sank!

  4. FYI Chuckster23, the healthcare subsidy was help held too. Can’t elected officials be arrested for not upholding the constitution. I swear to uphold the IL Constitution when I get sworn in as a library board member. What is the whole point of making the pledge if there is no consequence to upholding the law?

  5. I may in our democratic system has been restored somewhat Rule of law matters. I just hope all Illinois legislators and the Governor will get the message and that they are not above the rule of law

    1. PleaseOops- left some wording out The first sentence above should read Confidence in our democratic system has been restored somewhat

  6. Yay! Pension thief smackdown!

    Now if only there could be a way to call Madigan, Nekritz, and others to account for putting us through two years of worry and for postponing doing something about the problem for last two years–such as raising revenue.

    Probable next moves: state will tax retirement income and try to eliminate pension protection clause from the state constitution. If the clause goes, it would not affect current workers or retirees though, since the U.S. constitution prohibits states from passing laws that retroactively impair legal contracts (with some exceptions for reserved police powers). Today’s decision definitely says pensions are contracts and police powers do not apply in this case. It would seem to be a checkmate for pension thieves as far as current workers and retirees go.

    Reality time in Springfield. But can the Madigan machine recognize reality even after it has kicked them in the rear? A very open question.

  7. I guess leaving the Judicial pension out of it didn’t work very well. Thank you Supreme Court justices and all the unions and union members and experts and lawyers who made this possible, with a special shoutout to AFSCME, my union that operates democratically, and nonstop in support of the workers and all their issues big or small. On to the next battle.

  8. One on Justice Karmeier’s quotes that I thought powerful – “Crisis is not an excuse to abandon the rule of law. It is a summons to defend it.”

  9. Now its time for the puppet master and his puppets and real thinking aldermen to sit down and work on a solution … just remember what share the pain really means …. we pay what the other taxpayers pay no more no less. we are citizens like everyone else.

  10. Well maybe you will find the comment I posted on capitol fax Question of the Day funnier than my wife
    The Pic was Quinn and company signing the pension theft
    My Post was -Signing his resignation-

  11. I am really up late tonight enjoying this. I have to praise some public servants who were great last night when there was an unfortunate event with a deer and my car I am OK but sadly the deer and car are not. But the officer made sure the deer wasn’t suffering and the fireman made sure I got home OK BTW Did not see Ty or Elaine around to help me or anybody else.

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