4 thoughts on “Facebook story: Racist myths.

  1. Well, this sounds like the principal (although she was a good lady–just needed some taking to school, & we did–she was educable, & did learn her lesson) who said to me, “But there are no learning disabled kids who are gifted! L.D. kids CAN’T be gifted, too–they’re l.d.!” Sigh. We just have to keep educating the ignorant adults…but too bad they’re the ones who become administrators (or legislators!).

  2. There are Asian American students with a wide variety of learning needs. Sometimes their parents will not opt for special education placement, to avoid loss of face or stigma, but the needs are there. “Superiority stereotypes” are just as damaging as the inferiority ones.

    1. Perhaps. But it is not my experience that parental denial of student learning needs is limited to one culture or nationality.

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