Play Bruce Rauner’s GTCR Wheel of Fortune.


GTCR is the private equity firm owned by Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

GTCR is heavily invested in teacher pension funds.

They also were heavily invested in nursing homes and came under investigation after the deaths of patients as a result of cost-cutting measures.

Here is how you play GTCR Wheel of Fortune.

1. You should have at least two players, but any number can play.

2. Select one player to be Governor Bruce Rauner.

3. The job of the player acting as Governor Bruce Rauner is to make sure GTCR only hires white guys.

4. Some token white women are allowed and do not change the outcome of the game.

4. Each player places a million dollars on the table.

5. “Bruce” spins the wheel.

6. If only white guys (or no more than two women) show up on the screen, Bruce wins.

2 thoughts on “Play Bruce Rauner’s GTCR Wheel of Fortune.

  1. Of course one of those white guys was Rahm Emanuel —

    From NYT

    One of Mr. Emanuel’s major deals was the purchase in 2001 of a home alarm business, SecurityLink, from SBC Communications, the telecommunications company that was run by William M. Daley, the former secretary of commerce in the Clinton administration and the brother of Chicago’s mayor.

    Mr. Emanuel represented GTCR Golder Rauner, a Chicago private equity firm that was buying the business for an affiliate. Bruce Rauner, the firm’s chairman, had first met Mr. Emanuel when he was still exploring job prospects in Chicago after getting a call from Mr. Bowles, an old friend.

    Instead of private equity, Mr. Rauner advised Mr. Emanuel to pursue investment banking, where his political experience might be more valuable in landing deals in regulated industries.

    Mr. Emanuel called him back after starting at Wasserstein and asked if he could take over coverage of GTCR for his new employer. That eventually led to the nearly $500 million SecurityLink deal.

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