Things that should be in the spotlight that are more important that LeBron James’ penis.

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I have written a blog post title guaranteed to get a lot of hits due to search referrals.

I was surprised to see a reference to  Lebron’s schmeckel in a headline in this morning’s Sun-Times:

LeBron James’ penis remains in spotlight during Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Not for me.

I got home from my birthday dinner at a new neighborhood seafood place in time for the fourth quarter, and Step Curry’s shooting was much more impressive to me. As was LeBron’s triple double.

But it made me start thinking of what should be in the spotlight and isn’t.

What will happen to Sarah Karp’s story on Rahm juking graduation rates? Karp is the great investigative journalist who just moved from Catalyst to the Better Government Association.

How long will the spotlight be on that?

Karp says, among other things, that CPS has been counting girls who drop out due to pregnancy not as drop outs but as “transfers to motherhood.”

Scandals involving Rahm seem to have short shelf-lives.

Like whatever happened to the FOIA request for emails between Rahm and Chicago billionaire Michael Sacks?

It came out that Rahm and Sacks were meeting almost daily and that there were 1500 emails between them discussing public policy.

Also prior to the election there was talk of an SEC investigation into kickbacks to the Emanuel campaign and Bruce Rauner’s campaign from those doing pension business with the city and state.

What happened to that?

Just prior to the election Rahm’s people promised that the email correspondence between Rahm and his closest financial advisor would be released in 77 hours.

Why 77? Because that would put it after the election.

They have never been released.

Oh. Here is something needing a spotlight:

Whatever happened to the federal investigation of corruption in UNO charter schools?

And how long will this grand jury be meeting on the Barbara Byrd-Bennett SUPES scandal?

Until we forget and the spotlight goes elsewhere.

So many things that need a spotlight.

Leave LeBron’s penis alone.

6 thoughts on “Things that should be in the spotlight that are more important that LeBron James’ penis.

  1. Fred, Thank you for keeping the important stories alive. I do not read the SunTimes or the Tribune. Your form of journalism is more trustworthy and accurate. I am forever spreading the work about your blog.

  2. Fred,
    Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe someone wanted to get the headline. It does make good press, at least initially, but maybe there is no “there there” behind it all. Just maybe. And don;t forget, getting information to the press is not very high on the investigators to do list.

    1. Ah, anonymous again. You are busy. Still, grand juries and SEC probes do have end points. No? And FOIA requests do have to be responded to. This I know, since as a union president, I was the target of a FOIA request and my school district had to turn over all my work emails to Ben Velderman of the right wing Education Action Group. Me. A little K-5 Art teacher. I would think that getting information to the press may not be very high on the government’s to-do list. But getting information from the government would be high on the press’ to-do list. But, maybe not.

    2. Our local “news” media have wrapped Rahm’s worthless carcass in teflon. That’s a major reason why he’s back in office.

      The “news” in general consists largely of diversions. Even one I watch fairly regularly, Rachel Maddow, concentrated on Trump’s announcement and Hillary’s rally with Bill, Chelsea, and her husband at some location in the country. Maybe Rachel was just trying to amuse her audience. Ho hum, particularly with the Trump barrel of monkeys piece.

      The LeBron’s penis piece ranks at the same “news” level as Trump’s presidential announcement.

      Then came the biggest diversion of them all, at least in Chicago, the Hawks’ Stanley Cup victory. Yea, Hawks…

      There was not a peep about Bernie Sanders. Is that a revelation in itself?

      I can hardly wait for the next big media extravaganza that’ll suck up our collective attention. Maybe Lindsey Graham and John McCain will announce their nuptials.

      To the Hawks fans: I meant no disrespect.

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