A blog conversation about the myth of black on black crime.


“On behalf of Artists Against Police Violence we extend our thoughts and solidarities to the Black community in Charleston, South Carolina, and those murdered in the Charleston Church shooting.”

The more I think about that statement, the odder it gets. I mean: Does this group you speak for actually think the Police are somehow responsible for this? Why else would you use this language?

– A reader

Artists Against Police Violence is the name of their organization. It doesn’t mean they think the police were involved in the Charleston shootings. I think knowing the names and faces of the dead is a good thing. Don’t you?

– Fred

I had no issue with your main theme. I just found it odd the group would speak through you using that title, unless it was for the purpose of sending a themed message.

– A reader

I chose to post their graphic. Nothing odd about it. Many groups with a wide arrange of agendas have spoken out on what happened in Charleston. What on earth could be your objection?

– Fred

I had no issue with your main theme. I just found it odd the group would speak through you using that title, unless it was for the purpose of sending a themed message.

Wasn’t an objection; your choice to speak for that group (instead of, say, Retired Teachers) just raised questions in my mind. I guess you’ve answered them.

– A reader

I would want all retired teachers to speak out against the race-based murder of nine African Americans. Why aren’t you speaking out about it instead of focusing on my choices of graphics?

– Fred

Because, Fred, I would not suppose that anyone would speak FOR race-based murder. Why – every time some sick soul commits race-based murder – is it necessary for us/me to say we/I condemn the act?

What is it you assume about me if I fail to proclaim abhorrence at every instance of human depravity? I also condemn the plague of black-on-black violence that is a very serious, but largely ignored, problem – both nationally and in the City of Chicago. How about joining me in condemning that?

I questioned your choice of “graphics” because it seemed designed to send an implicit message about police responsibility – at a time when police are being criticized for racial insensitivity – that I had not understood to be the fact in this case.

You deny sending that message, so that’s that.

– A reader

Yes. We proclaim our abhorrence to every instance of race-based murder as a requirement be be part of the human community. The “plague of black on black violence” is a myth. Cite your source.

– Fred

I have looked at the sources and see they are ones you would be unlikely to accept. In fact, I will – instead – accept your contention that black on black violence is a myth, and no longer speak of it.

To quote Gilda Radner, “Never mind.”

– A reader

Ah. Not so fast my friend. Neither you nor I referred to black on black violence. You called it “the plague of black on black violence” suggesting that it is unique to one race. If you have evidence that this is true, share it.

 – Fred

Black on black violence is a myth…REALLY

 – Another reader

“Really” is not a source. Violent crime is function of availability of guns, proximity and poverty. A unique “plague of back on black violence” is not supported by data. Show me otherwise.

– Fred


Merriam-Webster defines “plague” (non-medically) as, “a disastrous evil or affliction”. Nothing about being unique.

Communicating with you (i.e., attempting a rational debate) is very difficult when you define your own terms on the fly, and decide (by “choosing” to use “graphics”) to be official spokesman for groups ranging from “Artists” to the entire “Human Community”. But as you often point out, it’s your blog, and you can make your own rules.

I, for one, give up.

– A reader

So you couldn’t find any evidence, huh?

– Fred

On the myth of Black-On-Black crime.

18 thoughts on “A blog conversation about the myth of black on black crime.

  1. So Fred, if black on black crime is simply a myth then is it white folks who are killing and maiming our blacks in some of our nations largest cities? Please enlighten us.

    1. As the post I included in the exchange points out, race cannot be singled out as a factor since both the percentages of whites who are victims of violence by other whites is roughly the same as the percentages of Black people who are victims of violent crimes by other Black people. But the term “Black on Black Crime” suggests that race is a significant factor since we rarely hear the term “white on white crime.” As the data points out, the key factors in violent crime are proximity, poverty and the availability of guns. On the other hand, race is a key factor when it comes to the issue of poverty. But nobody wrote to me asking me to condemn policies that create poverty in Black communities. In the comment I was only asked to condemn the “plague of black on black crime.”

  2. I give you credit for posting my comments without editing them – even if you warp the debate a bit by defining your own terms. There are many who would not respond as candidly as you did.

    If you were just a tad more tolerant of other viewpoints (for example, the proposition that higher taxes tend to drive economic producers to other jurisdictions), one could have a pretty interesting discussion with you.

    As it is, I take a crack at you once in a while, but mostly just Grin and Bear It.

  3. I thought the graphic was an excellent choice. I hadn’t even noticed the AAPV tag. The graphic was appropriate and nothing else seemed to imply that police were responsible. That inference was on the part of the commenter. What I find interesting is two guys battering each other, trying to get the last word. No offense, guys.

    1. Well, Barb. That’s what guys do. Although neither you nor I have any idea what the gender of the commenter is. But. There I did it again. Being a guy getting the last word.

      1. That’s OK Fred. I still really like your blog. I recommend it to all my retired friends.

  4. Knit etc. I know I shouldn’t but…” higher taxes tend to drive economic producers to other jurisdictions” come on don’t you read anything but talking points? Sorry Fred But I couldn’t help it.

    1. Don’t apologize Sig. When ever I ask for evidence that supports these assertions and talking points I am told that I am being unfair or rude.

  5. black on black crime. white on white crime. in my humble opinion, we all should be talking about the real problem in america, which is WHITE on BLACK crime.

  6. Alright here is your reference….According to the 2010 National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) done by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) under the US Department of Justice (DOJ)…..blacks were the victims of white violence 62,593 times and whites were the victims of black violence 320,082 times.

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