Life in Rahm’s Chicago. Shutting down all but one City College Child Development programs.


– By Jenny Alexander. Jenny is a professor of Child Development at the Chicago City Colleges.

Mayor Emanuel and his appointed City Colleges of Chicago Chancellor, Cheryl Hyman, have made the decision to close all of the Child Development programs at five of the City Colleges and consolidate the program to one location at Truman College, which is located on the far north side.

This top-down administrative action disproportionately affects traditionally under-served communities particularly on the west and south side neighborhoods of Chicago, and it has wide ranging consequences for current college students, potential students and, perhaps most importantly, to young children and their families.

The Child Development Department of the City Colleges of Chicago serves students, families, children and early childhood centers in six distinct Chicago communities. Our program is unique and dynamic. Our programs support both the missions of our individual colleges and the goals of Reinvention. Each individual community that we serve benefits from our program.

Child Development students attend the Community College that best suits themselves, their families and their work.

This decision was made without input from the impacted communities including many community-based organizations who provide services to young children and their families.

This decision is a great disservice to our students and the communities we serve.

With this decision, Chicago citizens from the south and west sides will lose access to a high quality, nationally recognized education in Child Development that is currently available to them within their communities, but will be lost as of Fall 2016.

The Child Development faculty team from six City Colleges that have offered the Child Development degree programs are concerned that Mayor Emanuel and Chancellor Hyman do not fully understand or appreciate the value of community-based education as this decision clearly goes against the mission of community colleges, which is to serve citizens within the communities in which they live, learn, and work.

6 thoughts on “Life in Rahm’s Chicago. Shutting down all but one City College Child Development programs.

  1. It’s obvious Rahm does not value or care about community based education. Closing local schools, and now he continues by closing classes at the City Colleges. Why is Rahm involved anyway? Why don’t we have an independent school board and an independent Community College board like every other district in the state?

  2. This is really, really disgusting. I took all my pre-reqs for my degree and certification in Early Childhood Education at Harold Washington College in 2001-2003. When I transferred to my four year program I had saved thousands of dollars and had a great, diverse group of teachers and fellow students to thank for it.
    I know they’ve upped the credit hours required to work at day care centers, so where are people going to get their necessary credits? This doesn’t seem logical given what I know about the market for early childhood education courses but maybe things have changed. What’s their rationale?

  3. This is a terrible decision. It impacts those that are being educated to become Early Childhood professionals, and profoundly impacts parents, particularly single parents, who are trying to begin their college educations through the City College system. Escaping poverty requires education and day care, and this slashes both. We need more parent support and education resources. Rahm, cancel some of the fireworks shows and special events. and take care of PEOPLE.

  4. Unfortunately for us, Rahmbo and his elite minions clearly understand the value of these programs – which is why they are are trying to virtually eliminate access to them. The last thing Chicago plutocrats want are a motivated, curious and engaged citizenry. The process to instill those civic traits begin in early childhood. Early childhood education also is critical to mitigating the harmful effects of poverty. Rahm and his thieving ilk think the world is perfect just that way it is. They don’t want the demands and presence of poor/working class people, (and judging, especially, by how these closures are mapped out) people of color to intrude on their 1 percenter paradise.
    Shame on them all. History has a way of repeating itself, and sooner or later the latest iteration of Madame Guillotine will visit these selfish, greedy criminals.

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