Union retirees do not scab, Bruce Rauner.



Now I’m pissed.

Bruce Rauner is contacting retired state employees to see if they will scab.

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – A published report says Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration has been contacting retired state employees to determine if they’re willing to come back on short-term contracts in case of a workers’ strike.

David Scheina of rural Sangamon County told The (Springfield) State Journal Register (http://bit.ly/1LNJ08k ) he received a call asking about the possibility of working in the interim if there’s a strike. The 65-year-old retired three years ago after working in state government for 25 years, mostly at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

Rauner spokeswoman Catherine Kelly didn’t deny the tactic, saying the administration is “pursuing all options.”

Rauner’s administration and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31 have been negotiating a new agreement. An extension on the contract ending June 30 expires Friday.

Retirees don’t scab, Bruce Rauner.

15 thoughts on “Union retirees do not scab, Bruce Rauner.

  1. Someone should contact the past jailed Illinois governors to ask them to temporarily take over the governor’s position while he is placed in a straight jacket. Rauner is so far past reality, something needs to be done.

  2. The Elgin state hospital needs to do a patient count. One of them may have escaped and is impersonating a governor.

  3. Hippocrit. State workers make too much and none should be paid over $50,000 says Rauner. Until you need them, eh gov?

  4. Unbelievable! The arrogance of this guy and group of sycophants!!!
    What’s the old expression…”It’s better to be pissed off than pissed on!”

    Maybe we should all sign up to be replacement workers, call them the morning we’re supposed to work, and tell them we’ve changed our minds, declining their offer.

    I wonder how many residents in Illinois are having buyers remorse right now? Not that I want to grow older any faster, but 2018 can’t get here fast enough!

    *Also, Rauner stated he studies the Scott Walker playbook. A good read in today’s Chicago Tribune Op-Ed page (link below) by Dana Milbank. After saying he had no intention of going after private sector unions, Walker is supporting legislation to do just that. The leaders of these unions who supported him are now saying how he lied to them and how betrayed they feel. …And didn’t we all see this coming?

  5. I am lost for words. This man just can not stop himself. We have done nothing to him except work our years, put most of our money into the pension and retire. That’s it. Get over yourself, Rauner. We just want to hopefully stay in our one house that we own and have our small adventures in life. What is the deal?!

  6. i believe he needs to take a serious look at how much his own people get paid let alone that after two years they get a full pension and cadillac medical benefits, but for the rest of us we have to be forced into 401ks and possibly no medical benefits when we retire, post the wages of the senators,judges,his own administration ect. i believe illinoisans would be appalled.

  7. Again, don’t mean to beat a dead horse with a stick and that train already left the station….How could this happen that this guy got elected. Yeah, I mean people that were pissed off with Quinn. Not voting or leaving that space blank. Come on folks we have only ourselves to blame. OK, Fred, beat me up again on this one.

    1. Blame yourself if you want to. The more pressing question is what is the state labor coalition doing now to prepare for the next election? Why are they letting Madigan be the sole voice of Rauner opposition. Who speaks for us? Why aren’t we using this to create a working families slate of candidates for 2016 and 2018?

      1. Let’s not get too nostalgic about “Squeezy” Quinn. He promised to go after our pensions no matter how both Circuit and Supreme Courts would decide. He said so publicly. Remember: he boasted that he was “born to reform pensions.” He led the charge in 2008 to pass a state-wide referendum calling for a constitutional convention to rewrite the state constitution in order to eliminate the “pension protection clause.”

        What did Pat Quinn ever do or say that public employees and their pensions weren’t responsible for the “unfunded liability?” The answer is “nothing.” The grossest demonization of public employees and pensions took place on his watch. “Honest” Pat Quinn took advantage of the anti-pension propaganda in order to further his pension-cutting agenda.

        Quinn was no friend of public sector unions or state retirees. Just ask AFSCME members. He made a calculated decision to throw public employees, a big chunk of his base, under the bus. I was with the Quinn campaign as a “Quinnster” for a period of time and I personally heard the contempt for public sector unions among some of his top campaign people. That was a major reason why I left his campaign.

        He was a terrible candidate in 2010. I know because as a committeeman I had to promote him. I found little enthusiasm for “Squeezy” even then. He nearly lost against the incompetent tea bagger, Bill Brady, and only won in a close recount. He should have won against Brady by a landslide.

        He was a worse candidate in 2014. For the longest time, Squeezy was at a 26% approval rating. Throwing public employees under the bus, so he thought, was a way to improve his poor polling numbers state-wide. Much of the blame for Rauner we can place at Quinn’s stinking feet. I don’t miss him.

        Fred is right. We need to focus on finding credible candidates for the next election. A credible opponent to Rauner was sorely missing in 2014. I agree, to rely exclusively on Madigan as “the only opposition voice to Rauner” is a big mistake. Now is the time for our unions to find and promote the right people.

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