Sunday posts, pics and tweets.


Happy birthday, James Baldwin. August 2, 1924 – December 1, 1987.


Chicago’s corruption tax.


Some have criticized the Better Government Association for featuring the raw numbers of those killed by Chicago cops instead of showing it as a percentage. I’m not sure that distinction matters to the dead and their families.


Journalists attend Koch brothers gathering with GOP candidates, but agree not to name donors present.


Legionnaires Disease outbreak in the Bronx. Concentrating on the elderly and the poor:

“We expect the case count to rise over the next several days because it reflects what has happened in the past,” said Dr. Jay Varma, deputy commissioner for disease control at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. “But we are also confident we have done the most intensive, immediate work to cut off any risk, so we anticipate the number of cases will first rise, then fall again.”

For residents and local leaders, the outbreak has raised questions about New York’s ability to defend itself against a disease whose prevalence in the city has more than tripled in the last 10 years. The number of cases of Legionnaires’ disease citywide rose to 225 in 2014, from 73 in 2004.

Most of the cases last year were in the Bronx and Brooklyn, the boroughs with the highest percentages of people living below the poverty level citywide, reflecting a tendency for the disease to be concentrated in poor areas.


Glen Brown warned of the danger of Illinois declaring bankruptcy back in 2011.


The Common Core’s David Coleman to our kids: “Nobody gives a shit what you think.”

4 thoughts on “Sunday posts, pics and tweets.

      1. Similar thoughts occurred to me. It’s a just a tiny release of frustration at this gas bag.

  1. As an educational industry data profiteer, Coleman knows it’s impossible to truly quantify what people think and feel. He has never taught kids in a classroom, but has made millions analyzing their standardized test data. He seems to not give a shit about young people.

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