Karl Gabbey: They’re not nuts. It’s the Tribune.


Karl Gabbey (right) and me.

– By Karl Gabbey. Karl is Democratic Precinct Committeeman, Precinct 56, Bloomingdale Township.

Sorry, Fred, that it took until this morning to weigh in on this one. I found it difficult to restrain myself…

I‘m no fan of Chicago’s news sources, broadcast, online. or print. My criticism of our local media has grown exponentially over the years. The Chicago Tribune is at the top of my s#*t list. Shallow reporting and commentary reflect mostly ideologically conservative and corporate influences which are contrary to the interests of 99% of Chicagoans and are just plain irrational, or in common parlance: “Nuts.”

I once had a subscription to the Trib for quite some years which ended abruptly when its editorial board supported Al Salvi over Dick Durbin in the 1996 U.S. Senate race. Al Salvi was a misogynist teabagger; actually, just a teabagger ahead of his time. That was the final blow. I dropped my subscription immediately. Then came a call from the Trib to urge me to continue, but I told the sales rep that I was fed up with the “nutty” content of its editorials plus its habitually pathetic endorsements of some of the most retrograde political candidates imaginable. Don’t these people ever do serious homework? I suppose if one is so ideologically immersed in a conservative/ libertarian/ corporate cesspool as the Trib’s editorial board is, there’d be no need for homework because its members like Kristen McQueary already have the answers to everything. Inconvenient facts just get in the way of their sacred beliefs. That’s why an overconfident, arrogant, and cavalier Ms. McQueary is able to put her foot in her mouth so easily. Some consider that “Nuts,” but let’s go beyond the extreme insensitivity of her “Katrina” metaphor and concentrate on the merits of her editorial.

In 1996, I had no idea just how “Nuts” the Trib’s endorsements and editorials would become. True to its tradition of shoddy judgment, the Trib endorsed Bush in 2000 and 2004. That topped the Al Salvi endorsement. A major reason for its support, according to its editorials, was that Bush “would fix (Chicago’s) ‘(f)ailing’ schools.” Bush’s prescription was “No Child Left Behind.” The brilliance of NCLB matched the brilliance of Bush perfectly which, in turn, also matched the brilliance of the Trib’s editorial board.

Today, we have the Obama-Duncan “Race To The Top” fiasco which is just another version of NCLB. Why not? What could possibly go wrong with a disaster on top of a disaster? Clearly, McQueary’s wish that a “Hurricane Katrina” should destroy Chicago in order to impose her Ayn Rand “vision” of a New Orleans-type of privatized utopia that would “fix our (f)ailing school system” raises the bar of what rational beings consider “Nuts.” NCLB and “Race To The Top” are already the equivalent of a “Hurricane Katrina” for our public schools. Perhaps the Bush-Obama-Duncan version of “Hurricane Katrina” for public education in Chicago isn’t hastening the destruction fast enough to suit Ms. McQueary. Just for good measure, she might propose that someone drop a nuclear bomb on Chicago in “celebration” of last week’s seventieth anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Why not? One mega-disaster on top of another mega-disaster will assure us an efficiently-run school system with better schools. Just a minor thought… Is it still possible to raise the level of insanity of the folks on the Trib’s editorial board another notch, or have they already reached their very pinnacle of “Nuts?”

Has anyone in Washington, in Springfield, in Chicago, or someone on the Trib’s editorial board ever heard of the National Defense and Education Act [NDEA] (1958) or the Elementary and Secondary Education Act [ESA] (1965)? Provided we have people of good will with some degree of intelligence on school boards, those two examples of rational public policy might serve as models for improving our public schools without destroying them. I’m told that a majority of our politicians and members of editorial boards really don’t think of improving our schools. Why should they? Their mutual goal is to hasten the destruction of America’s entire public school system so they can watch its miraculous rebirth as an efficient, lean, corporate Phoenix arising from its ashes. Are they all “Nuts?” Take note, Ms. McQueary and fellow members of the Trib’s editorial board, so far your version of Phoenix arising from its ashes only worked in mythology.

3 thoughts on “Karl Gabbey: They’re not nuts. It’s the Tribune.

  1. Excellent and spot on observations by Mr Gabbey. He should comment more frequently. Unlike many, I have kept my $ 10 a month subscription to the Trib, because of Huppke and a few others. I stomach the smug Bruce Dold and his group, but only because I’m told to eat fruits and vegetables, while preferring salami and sweets.

  2. I still think if every public worker and retiree would stop buying the Tribune rag, it could go the way of the Daily News and the American/Today

  3. I remember years ago when I designed, printed and sold bookplates (Those small adhesive backed “from the library of” labels.) with designs of the Tribune, the Art Institute, Marshall Fields. etc. directly to the stores and offices of those institutions. After I delivered packages of these to the Tribune and the Oak Street Bookstore in the Drake Hotel, I walked along Navy Pier talking with the fishermen who sold their catches to local restaurants. There were a few woodboard fish shacks attached to the lake and the pier. I sat on the concrete pier edge and ate freshly fried fish served in wax-paper and paper towels at one of the shacks.
    Those days are over.
    The days of the Tribune as an actual daily newspaper are over. The Trib is a propaganda machine that kills trees to print and imitate what journalists called a newspaper.
    When will people realize that we are in the middle of the second decade of the 21st Century? I have great nostalgia for some things that used-to-be. For other things, I feel a sense of good-riddance.
    Make the Tribune News Service a good-riddance by not paying it to spread its venomous propaganda.

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