Sunday posts, pics and tweets.


Cover of Vietnam , a comic written by Julian Bond and published in 1967, after he was expelled from the Georgia House of Representatives for opposing the war in Viet Nam. It was illustrated by T.G. Lewis. Copyright 1967 by Julian Bond.



Tzedek Chicago. A new Jewish congregation puts justice on the agenda.


Roxanne Gay How can allies best serve as allies? What is an ally? Are they needed?

Ta-Nehesi Coates: I think it’s probably terribly important to listen. It’s terribly important to try to become more knowledgeable. It’s important to not expect that acquiring of that knowledge — in this case of the force of racism in American history — to be a pleasant experience or to proceed along just lines. They certainly don’t proceed that way for black people. It’s going to be painful. Finally I think one has to even abandon the phrase “ally” and understand that you are not helping someone in a particular struggle; the fight is yours.


Matt Farmer writes the apology Kristen McQueary didn’t.


Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 7.29.05 AM

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