edTPA is a horror story. Why we can’t find people to teach.  

– By a teacher who knows

This is the third year I’ve been forced to put my student teachers through this test, and it was $300/per person this year, and next year it’s $300 and high stakes.  

It takes weeks to write, mostly because the questions are long and strange, and everyone is student teaching full time, on a cart, 30+ kids per room, first time ever, at the SAME TIME! 

Art teaching on a cart, when you have 800+ kids a week and 3 preps, it is completely unrelated to edTPA. You have to write all this stuff from experience you do not even have yet as a pre-service teacher. 

CPS does not do anything to support this requirement, so my puny department of 3 ft teacher licensure faculty must explain and justify 5 days of video recordings in classrooms to each assitant principal, cooperating teacher, and to some parents. 

I feel like I work for Pearson. 

 Still, I’d rather we do edTPA which my students do well on than the APT test, which has kept more teacher candidates from getting licensed than anything so far. THAT is a super stupid test… also by Pearson!! Soul crushing.

Soul crushing.

7 thoughts on “edTPA is a horror story. Why we can’t find people to teach.  

  1. Bill Gates has a vision that every teacher in the U.S. will be evaluated on video. The evaluators will be outside the building (or district) and will use rubrics. Gates is willing to spend 5 billion dollars on this. Get ready actives! Gates wants you next. And think of the profits for companies like Microsoft.

  2. As a public school special ed teacher and adjunct professor for SPED, I trained on EdTPA assessment last summer. My goal was to have the background to support students achieve certification. It is a joke. They have a rubric, with locked in pass/fail numbers so they are guaranteed more money. They push assessors to rush through, do not guide applicants, and expect NBCT quality submissions from student teachers. Assessors get paid $75. Where is the rest going? A video and analysis does not reflect teaching talents or dedication. I have serious reservations about Pearsons monopoly. We must fight this, but how?

  3. Reblogged this on Rise & Shine and commented:
    Why are our legislatures going in a direction that removes assessment responsibility from the most logical and cost effective source – college faculty and clinical supervisors?
    Follow the money.
    Pearson pays PhDs $75 each for these assessments, so how much time do you think is being spent here? And who’s getting the other $225?

  4. Bill Gates mentioned his vision could be implemented for only about 2% of what is spent on teachers salaries. Where does he think states and school districts will get the money for this? Cutting teacher positions, larger class sizes, cutting teacher assistants, adding non-teaching tasks to the teachers day, cutting teacher salaries, reducing medical insurance coverage while charging teachers more for it, cutting pensions to Tier 2, and not paying the required contributions to the pension systems? All of these items are already in effect. This doesn’t even count the hundreds and hundreds of dollars that teachers already spend on classroom supplies or basic things like soap, TP, and paper towels because the school district runs out of money for supplies. Bill Gates does not see the reality because he is a multi-billionaire. One of his talking points is about how certain Asian nations are leading the world in student learning levels in things like math and science. He neglects to point out many of these schools have longer school days, a 6 day school week, and a year round school calendar. These countries invest more in public education. They DON’T use his program, so Gate’s comparison of them is invalid and irrelevant.

  5. edTPA is a disaster, doing what it was designed to do. Keep certified teachers out of the classroom. My daughter passed. She did well. But many in her class did not. She was one of the lucky ones. Because luck is about the only thing that counts here.

    Part of the issue is the inordinate amount of time that must be spent on it every night during the student teaching experience when preservice teachers need to spend time on lesson plans and going to bed at a fairly decent hour.
    On top of hours spent on lesson plans and practicing for a senior recital, my daughter had to put hours into edTPA every night.

    Another issue- student teachers need to start videotaping about one week into student teaching in order to meet the required 3 video tapings.
    What student teacher is at their peak one week into student teaching?

    Further, had she NOT passed, student teaching is over before scores are received. One needs a “lab” of students in order to write the prescribed information and tape teaching. So, part of the stress of the process was the “what if I don’t pass? How will I have students to fulfill the requirement without going back for a full semester?”.

    The students who did not pass in my daughter’s class simply gave up. 4 years of college and most likely, loans, for naught. They did not go into teaching.

    This is not a test. It is an approximately 65 page written document based on Common Core/Reformer language.
    My daughter was literally sick from stress during the time that she should have enjoyed most.

    I was able to reassure her because I had been speaking with Barbara Madeloni the whole time and knew I would fight to the end. What about college students whose parents aren’t teachers?

    Oh. And it costs $300 each time you have to take it.

    Between this and the cert tests, we spent well over $1,000.00
    What do students do who aren’t able to come up with this money?

    Now ask yourself- who is it, exactly, that they want to keep out of the classroom? Or rather, who do they want IN it?

    Just the privileged.

  6. I am inclined to agree with the posts here. EdTPA is spooky, wicked and just plain WRONG! I am not a traditional student whose parents help through school, student teaching and the first few years of teaching. I am just the opposite. An older non-matriculated mature student seeking a second career to do what I love and to retire from, is how I can be described. Having spent EVERY cent I had for my education, which I am still $2500 in debt to, now has to work TWO (2) stinking jobs to stay afloat because of this over-thought concept to licensure. The question previously asked in a GREAT one… “Who is it, exactly, that they want to keep out of the classroom, or rather, who do they want In it??

    Out of money and running out of time…

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