We warned you. Doing the nasty by a Furlong.


Former BMO boss Mark Furlong doin’ the nasty on the CPS board.

Back on June 2nd we warned you.

Rahm had removed the tainted Deb Quazzo from the CPS board and replaced her with another insider with board contracts, Mark Furlong.

Rahm’s new CPS board member is Mark Furlong. He just retired from his $2 million a year job as boss at BMO Harris Bank.

He replaces Deborah Quazzo.

Quazzo was under a cloud of conflicting interests with her multiple profitable contracts with the CPS board.

Wouldn’t you know it.

The same goes for Mark Furlong.

Mayor Rahm is a serial insider appointer. He can’t quit it.

Today’s Chicago Trib, while unable to find space to report on #FightForDyett, reports that Mark Furlong is doing the nasty. Just like Quazzo.

The Chicago Board of Education on Wednesday plans to extend a contract with a firm connected to a businessman whom Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently appointed to the school board.

Leap Innovations, a nonprofit education technology firm, first won a yearlong, $250,000 deal in 2014 to research and develop new classroom tools at 13 schools, according to board records. Now the board will consider extending the contract for another year and another $250,000, this time to conduct research in six schools.

Mark Furlong was Leap Innovations’ board chairman until May 29, a few days before Emanuel named him to the school board as part of a housecleaning move amid a federal contracting investigation. Furlong is a retired CEO of BMO Harris Bank.

Also backing Leap is the Chicago Public Education Fund, an elite nonprofit philanthropy group, which said last year it would spend $750,000 with the company to expand resources available to district teachers.

Leap CEO Phyllis Lockett, was named last week to serve on a CPS group that will solicit ideas to improve district high schools, principal candidates and district administrative programs. Lockett’s group includes school board Vice President Jesse Ruiz and roughly two dozen other officials from the district, charter schools and other community groups.

5 thoughts on “We warned you. Doing the nasty by a Furlong.

  1. Hunger strikes don’t get headlines, shooting only one person barely gets a headline.
    If you hire enough consultants and pay them a lot of money, then by the law of large numbers one of them will eventually do some good.
    Of course the mayor hires people he knows, he travels in the circles of CEO’s and other powerful folk. I’m sure another mayor who traveled in different circles would do the same. You seem to think there is something immoral here.
    They knows how each other think and the mayor can trust them to air disagreements in private.

  2. Chicago Board of Ed continues to be a vehicle for people to make money. The waste, money making (often under the guise of non-profit), no bid contracts etc continue to divert the money from the classroom. Why not allow individual schools to purchase their own services and materials? That would end the whole scam. What does the BMO Harris exec know about education expect the the BOE is a cash cow for people like him.

  3. CERTAINLY BUSINE$$ as USUAL. Certainly NOT DEMOCRATIC. Certainly NOT transparent. Certainly NOT ethical. Certainly NOT in the common interest. Certainlly IS in the mayor’s and Furlong’s interests. No need for federal investigators to toil over this.

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