On the 14th day, religious leaders make their appeal and Claypool does what we predicted he would do.


This morning many of Chicago’s religious leaders will make an appeal to the Mayor on behalf the #FightForDyett hunger strikers.

Mayor Rahm, who often tries to portray himself as God, will not be impressed.

Rev. Robert Jones, currently in the 14th day of a hunger strike, will be joined by various faith leaders, including Rabbi Brant Rosen, Rev. CJ Hawking and others in a direct moral appeal for fairness, democracy and education justice. The clergy will represent various faiths.

If you have not done so, read brother Mike’s post from Friday where he discusses the lies and “let-them-eat-cake” attitude of this morally corrupt administration.

While the courageous hunger strikers continue their action, and men and women of faith make their appeal to the morally bankrupt leader of the city, his newly appointed CEO of the public schools does exactly what we all said he would do two weeks ago.

He painted the office.

First thing: Kudos to my bro for his prognostication.

Two weeks ago he predicted that the new CEO at CPS, Forrest Claypool, would hand out banker boxes to the Byrd-Bennett crew and show them the door.

Some cynics might claim that this was an easy prediction since the new boss will always bring in his own people after firing the old ones.

Not all will be smart enough to claim it as a budget cut to be used in contract negotiations with the teachers union.

I compared this to a new principal in a school. The first thing he or she does is paint the office.

Is Claypool getting rid of those jobs? Not likely.

Changing job titles? Probably.

My old board changed the assistant superintendent for curriculum to the director of student learning.

A budget cut?


Last month he claimed to cut a million bucks by firing a bunch of senior bureaucrats.

This week the board approved nearly a million bucks for a bunch of new bureaucrats with new job titles.

Just as I predicted.

Doug Kucia, who was Claypool’s chief of staff at the CTA, takes on the same role at CPS for $175,000 a year. Andrell Holloway, a CTA auditor, was made chief internal auditor for $191,000.

All of Claypool’s boys were hired with the usual unanimous votes of the board.

Oh wait. There was one no vote for one bureaucrat.

Some of my union friends complained about Randi Weingarten when she showed up last week in Chicago to support the #FightForDyett hunger strikers. “She allows no democracy in her own union.”


But I thought she was great.

I have no shortage of issues with Randi Weingarten. And AFT needs more democracy. But the AFT is a bastion of democracy compared to Chicago and the CPS board of education.

The appointments were not on the board’s public agenda.

There was no debate.

And only one appointment received  one no vote when the rebellious Jesse Ruiz voted what the Sun-Times called a “rare dissent.”

Ruiz voted no to hiring Ronald DeNard, Claypool’s chosen $225,000-a-year senior vice president of operations. DeNard was chief financial officer with Claypool at the Chicago Transit Authority.

DeNard lives in Flossmoor, which violates CPS residency rules.

Seriously? C’mon. Those rules only apply to teachers.

Administrators simply get a residency waiver.

That’s how they handled Tim Cawley, the chief administrative officer. He lives in Winnetka.

Residency waivers for bureaucrats.

For teachers and #FightForDyett hunger strikers.

Let them eat cake.

One thought on “On the 14th day, religious leaders make their appeal and Claypool does what we predicted he would do.

  1. Tim Cawley still lives in Winnetka? He was supposed to move into the city within a year and that was several years ago. Interesting how that goes.

    And no one in Chicago’s newspapers or TV news stations is commenting about the high six-figure salaries of these administrators? When they have no money for teachers and they want teachers to take a 7% cut, these folks sure do have a nice hustle. The high salaries are certainly to help them with their 7% pension contributions. Not teachers. Admins first. Of course, this has been going on for decades. How much more? And the press wonders why folks are so excited about Bernie Sanders.

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