Teachers on strike in Prospect Heights.


“There were 151 out of 152 members walking the line this morning,” a teacher told me.

Members of the Prospect Heights Education Association, an NEA/IEA affiliate, are on strike.

“Members are staying strong and united but the board is refusing to meet,” I was told.

As a result parents are faced with their kids losing instructional time. There are 1,500 students enrolled in Prospect Heights District 23.

Teachers in PHEA have never been forced to strike before.

The issue is salary.

Union representatives tell me that they are only $150,000 apart. But with the board refusing to schedule another bargaining session, it is hard to see how students will be back in the classroom before the weekend.

The PHEA web site can be found here.

Members of our Skokie Organization of Retired Educators (S.O.R.E.), IEA Retired, will be doing strike support  on the picket lines on Friday at 10AM.

We are meeting at 700 North Schoenbeck Road in Prospect Heights.

All retired teachers should feel free to join us.

4 thoughts on “Teachers on strike in Prospect Heights.

  1. The kids are not receiving instruction. Oh yeah, it’s about the kids.
    Just stop with the bullshit Fred, call it what it is, a money grab by the union folks.
    We only care about the union, period..

    1. Anonymous, you sit in your $400,000 home, bitching and whining about teachers wanting enough money for their own families(we also worry about our OWN kids!!). It’s because of selfish greedy scum like you that most teachers steer their own children AWAY from teaching. No one HAS to go into education, and fewer and fewer are. If it is so great why are YOU not in education? Why are fewer young people going into the teaching profession? Why are up to 50% of young teachers leaving the profession after 5 years to go into the much more lucrative and higher paying private sector? It’s pretty well established that for the most part, the only people not highly successful in the private sector are those that are uneducated and unmotivated. You remember, the jerks that sat in the back and screwed around and did not listen. I tied to tell them that they would not be 13 years old all their lives!!!!

  2. The school board has financially defecated upon these teachers once too often, resulting in the teachers having to go on strike.

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