The Trib is wrong again. Cutting services isn’t budget reform.


There is a huge corruption tax in Chicago.

Last week’s indictments of CPS leadership is evidence of that.

But the indictment of CPS CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett is just going after low hanging fruit. The corruption goes deeper and higher.

Mayor Rahm is now engaged in a cover-up over how deep and how high.

While much of the picture remains missing, the email logs and documents the administration did release show frequent communication among key Emanuel aides, Chicago school leaders and the heads of the SUPES Academy consulting firm in the months, weeks and days leading up to Emanuel’s hand-picked school board awarding the contract in June 2013.

Now, turn to the Trib’s editorial today. They demand that alderman vote down the Mayor’s property tax increase until the Mayor cuts city wages, pension benefits and services to the most needy in the city.

It’s the Rauner turnaround agenda.

They applaud the Mayor for the cuts he has already made. Those cuts are just not enough, says the Trib.

Emanuel has taken some steps to make government more accountable. He curbed the city’s habit of selling off assets to balance budgets. He instituted a new way of collecting garbage that is more efficient. He is phasing out costly health care benefits for city retirees. He ended free water service to certain nonprofits.

The city also decreased its workforce under Emanuel — mostly through attrition, though, not layoffs. He tried to negotiate pension reforms with unions — some of those reforms are now being challenged in court — yet he had little success with police and fire, the two pension funds that make up most of the city’s unfunded liability.

Given the headlines of the past week, is takes a certain sense of the absurd for an editorial writer to keyboard those two paragraphs and consider it praise.

The Trib calls increased pain for the working people of Chicago budget reform. It is language that conceals. It is like bombing a hospital, killings doctors and patients and calling that collateral damage.

I agree with the Trib that aldermen should vote down this property tax increase. But what the Trib will never call for is increasing revenue.

Even with the totally appropriate rebate for low-income home owners, the burden of taxation falls too heavily on the working people of this city.

The Queen of England just bought a condo on Lakeshore Drive. She will pay the same property tax rate as us.

The truth is they don’t want us here.

Aldermen, particularly those who call themselves Progressive, should vote this tax burden down, defend services and fight for a tax policy in the city and state that stops protecting the rich and provides adequate revenue.

3 thoughts on “The Trib is wrong again. Cutting services isn’t budget reform.

  1. Fred,
    No one other than you will call for a revenue increase. The money goes into a dark hole. It is not spent efficiently and there is never ever enough.
    In one week we have been told by three friends that they are leaving their city dwelling and moving to neighboring states. They each found jobs at slightly lesser pay but, and this is a quote “we found twice the house ant 1/2 the cost and 1/3 the taxes. Essentially got a pay raise for moving.
    Even you have to see this as not a good thing.
    The Chicago dwelling will be sold, sure, but a less $ than they thought they would get largely because of the well publicized tax increases coming next year.

  2. Not once in that article did the Chicago Fibune mention…
    A. 9fingers drunken sailor spending sprees on non emergency projects, bike lanes, polka dotted intersections etc,etc….
    B. His misuse of TIF funds dumping tax money into Marriott, DePaul etc,etc…
    C. His juice loans that he keeps taking on with high bank fees
    D. No more push for a casino ( to which the old post office still sits empty. It has location, it has transportation and even a riverside ( imagine taking a water taxi from a River North hotel or a Wacker Drive hotel or the Pier the tourist would eat that up, it has infrastructure. If you can’t get it back from the owner cut a deal with him (oh, a good deal with the taxpayers in mind. No back room games) a multi use building…
    E. Legal weed, it’s out there tax it, free up prison space make room for the real criminals the bangers and wanna be bangers and anyone that does a violent crime, oh and of course our politicians.
    F. The give away of our lakefront for a Starbore Museum which is just a self built monument to a 1%er for himself and 9fingers says we must give this up because he donates to his war chest ( by the way since this site has a large percentage of educators may I ask you how many include Star Bores in their lessons and also since nobody, why is it a self proclaimed museum .
    I end my rant on the letter ” F” because I wish he would go away and ….

  3. The Trib talks out of both sides of its mouths (w/its two faces). On Pages 1 & 9, there’s an article about The Trib’s filing of a F.O.I.A. to access ALL of the info RE: Rahm’s/mayoral staff involvement in the SUPES fraud. The entire article suggests mayoral wrongdoing (which would, of course, implicate him {& his staff}), citing information that is released is oftentimes redacted.
    Then its editorial staff turns around & “applauds” him.
    I would compare it to Obama’s “praise” for the departing Arne Duncan.
    Also, to Kristin’s (her last name seems to have escaped me at this moment–not worth remembering, I guess) calling for a Chicago Hurricane Katrina.
    More papers for birdcage lining!

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