As I reported earlier, the state once again will not be making pension payments. Retirees will receive our checks.


Illinois Comptroller Munger. No money for pension payments.

Dave Urbanek of the Illinois Retirement System issued a press release confirming my previous post that the refusal by Governor Rauner to back off of his union-busting demands to pass a state budget means payments will not be made to the systems.

Individual retiree pension payments, which are not dependent on the state passing a budget, will continue.

While Comptroller Munger makes assurances that the payments to the funds will eventually be made, the failure to pay on time means that our funds cannot be invested and will lose money in returns on investments.

For Immediate Release                                                                       Contact: Dave Urbanek

October 14, 2015                                                                                 Public Information Officer

                                                                                                                  Office: 217-753-0968

                                                                                                                  Cell: 217-720-3961



November TRS Pension Checks Unaffected by State Cash Flow Problems

SPRINGFIELD, IL — All Teachers’ Retirement System pensions and benefits will be paid in November on time and for the foreseeable future, despite an announcement today that cash flow constraints will delay the payment of state government’s November contribution to TRS.

“All TRS pensions and benefits are funded exclusively from the TRS trust fund and not from the state budget,” said TRS Executive Director Dick Ingram. “TRS currently has $46 billion in the trust fund to pay all pensions and benefits and monthly benefit payments total approximately $460 million.”

State Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger said today that because her office will not have enough cash on hand to meet all of state government’s bills in November, the state’s November payment to all Illinois pension systems will be delayed. The November payment to all of the state pension systems is approximately $560 million. The TS portion of that payment is approximately $312 million.

In fiscal year 2016, state government appropriated $3.7 billion to TRS as its annual contribution to the retirement systems. Normally, that contribution is split up into 12 monthly installments. This year, each of those installments is about $312 million.

Comptroller Munger indicated that even though the November installment of the state’s contribution to TRS will be delayed, she is confident that TRS will receive the entire $3.7 billion annual contribution by the end of the fiscal year in June.

“We have been working very closely with the comptroller’s staff and we understand completely the extremely difficult position her office is dealing with,” Ingram added. “Comptroller Munger and her staff have been extremely responsive and helpful to TRS.”

4 thoughts on “As I reported earlier, the state once again will not be making pension payments. Retirees will receive our checks.

  1. Rauner’s increase to the K-12 payments is actually being indirectly funded by the teacher’s and other public employees pension funds. Notice they announce it the day after a big Cub’s win, so as to not get much news coverage.

  2. FYI to all…This was the lead story this evening on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight. Munger also shows a chart to support her decisions. Seems like the governor and his administration will try to screw up pensions any way they can. From Ghostbusters: “Let’s split up.” Response: “Yeah, we can do more damage that way!”

  3. Dear Dick,

    Your job is not to suck up to the Comptroller. Your job is to be a fiduciary to the teachers and retirees. Go get our money, in court if necessary.

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