How I know we were in the room.

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When the teacher unions, both my NEA and the AFT, did their early no-strings, no demands, endorsement of Hillary Clinton they justified it to the membership, who had no voice in the decision, by saying that Hillary promised we would be in the room when issues of concern to educators were discussed.

I have proof that we were in the room last night.

AFT President posted a selfie on Twitter.

Sometimes it is better to ask someone to take you picture, like we used to.

But if the selfie is evidence that our unions are in the room, it seems to prove that we will be in the room when issues of concern to educators are not discussed.

Which they weren’t last night.

Not a word.

Not a word from Clinton.

Or Sanders.

Or that creepy guy on the left.

3 thoughts on “How I know we were in the room.

  1. I know, I know. I was at a Bernie Debate Watching Party yesterday night, & your thoughts about education issues not being discussed were brought up.

    Which is why, of course, we need more debates–and the entire premise of one should be on the subject of Pre-K- High School public education & the continuation of privatization, “standardized” testing & the whole schmeer (as Bernie might say). This would require, of course, that the candidates do scads of homework with regard to the topic. And, if Biden does throw his hat in the ring (I really hope not, however–I, for one, am underwhelmed by Joe) hope that CNN will again be hosting the debate w/Anderson Cooper, because he really does ask the tough questions, not letting responders off easily (e.g., Biden’s brother’s Florida terrible charter schools & what, if any, connections does he, as part of the Obama Admin. {D.O.Ed’s continued funding of charter schools–Arne’s huge monetary gift to them on the day of his resignation-?!} have to do with all of that, if anything?).
    Of course, Hilary polishes the apple (euphemism for misrepresenting her current self–as A.C. pointed out, she IS part of the 1%, & largely funded by heavily monied PACs–unlike Bernie) although I was most certainly an admirer in the beginning, when she was trying to push through health care, worked for the Children’s Defense Fund &, really, DID do all the right things/had the best of intentions for the middle & lower classes)–like Obama, she is–right now–saying all the things we want to hear (love how the press & others report how good it is that Sanders is “pushing her to the left”–yeah, for now–if elected, she most certainly won’t stay there–most certainly will NOT put on any walking shoes {just like her former boss}–so “being pushed to the left” means…zilch).

    That having been said, it was a good debate. Good explanation of Democratic Socialism (guy of similar age & political leanings just elected in Great Britain, so we can do it too–after all, we’re the ones who were the rebels).
    I especially liked Bernie’s closing statements, including a call for $30 donations & his website–unorthodox, to be sure, but brilliant. (BTW, if you haven’t seen a group called CrackinFoxy’s cover of Mr. Sandman {look it up under “Mr. Sanders Bring Us a Dream,”} it’s a must-see!)
    Send in those checks–Bernie 2016!

  2. In the room?
    Randy and Lily are in the room with the toilet. With NO discussion or input from membership, the two union presidents did an early no-strings endorsement. Membership was closed out and sold out.
    As long as Randi and Lily are in the room with all the toilets, they should be flushed – for the same reason that all toilets need to be flushed.

  3. To hell with any teachers union that didn’t protect members over 50 years of age from the outright lies that destroyed their careers and pensions. They lie more than their mother did, when she said she loved them.

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