8 thoughts on “Barbara Byrd Bennett’s plea agreement.

  1. I certainly hope she gets a goodly amount of stay in prison. Wouldn’t it be a good time to impeach your mayor, if that was at all possible?mary

  2. I think her cut was 10% of the $20 million, still a nice piece of change.
    Mayor ok’d hire, but do you really think he knew about the side deal?
    One thing he is not is stupid.

    • Yes. The deal was that she would receive a two million dollar “signing bonus” after she left CPS. It was arranged that way to cover the corruption. She needed the money for her kid’s tuition and casino visits, she said. We don’t know what Rahm knew or when he knew it. But he is hiding stuff, that we do know. He won’t release the emails and his story of who he knew and when keeps changing.

  3. Fred I noticed in the indictment thatCBOE receives in excess of $10,000 from federal govt.Are ther explicit policies CBOE must follow in order to receive federal money such as dumping special ed. students into regular classrooms?

    • If anything, I would say that CPS would rather not follow federal regs regarding special education students in gen ed classrooms. ISBE is constantly trying to raise the number in violation of Corey H.

  4. I probably sent this in on an earlier post, but it would behoove the feds to seize assets & properties (just how much is Solomon’s Harbert house, alone, worth?) as had been done with Madoff &, I believe, Levine, & make restitution to CPS–BUT–of course–NOT giving proceeds to the school board or to Claypool or to ANY upper echelon administrators, but to make sure it is used for such things as–1. the rehiring of special ed. & other personnel and 2. direct school funding by putting the money into the hands of honest & good principals, such as Troy LaRavierre, who see that the money is used directly for the benefit of students.

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