Sunday posts, pics and tweets.


The Rauners on election night. They made $58 million during his first year in office.


Chicago teacher Sarah Chambers writes: 

You can apologize to the cameras, but who has to apologize to the kids of Chicago? Teachers across this city apologize every day to their students.

Today, I told my wide-eyed student with a disability, “I’m sorry I can’t see you today, hopefully tomorrow CPS will give us another special education teacher. ” But I think, “Hopefully tomorrow the people who run our city will choose your life and your future over their own selfish pursuits because they sure didn’t today.”

The only apology to the children of Chicago will be an elected representative school board where corruption and private interests will NOT be tolerated. A school district that is led from our communities by our parents, students and teachers rather than Rahm Emanuel’s corporate buddies who give their own children the best and leave nothing but crumbs for the rest of ours.

I am ready to fight to make an elected representative school board a reality. I am not sorry.


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.41.47 AM


Business is still booming for Gov. Bruce Rauner and his wife Diana, who reported more than $58 million in income in 2014, according to a joint tax filing released by the governor’s office on Friday.

The Rauners reported $58.3 million in total income on their federal return, the Sun-Times is reporting. Their adjusted gross income was $57.5 million. They paid $15.2 million in federal taxes and $2.8 million in Illinois taxes, according to the filing.




There was a time when I’d hear stories about corruption in Chicago politics and think that it was all hyperbole—that it didn’t happen here more than in any other American city. That changed in 2011, when I became a Chicago Public School principal. After four years, I cannot imagine a more corrupt and ethically bankrupt system outside the Third World. There has been a common pattern to the corruption during the Emanuel regime. I call it, “Cut, Contradict, and Collect.” – Chicago principal Troy LaRavier



“If I go homeless, will one of you let me use your shower once a week?” Stanley Rumage, 68, asked his neighbors at Mulvey Place.

He meant it, having been homeless.

“Seventy-one years, and it’s come to this,” 71-year-old Susan McCormick told me. “If anyone lives long enough, they’ll die penniless in this country.”


Tell the aldermen, no property tax increase. #TaxTheRich.


8 thoughts on “Sunday posts, pics and tweets.

  1. It’s unconscionable that these people have so much but yet want to cut social programs and destroy the middle class. It’s what REVOLUTIONS are built on. I wonder what they see when they get up in the morning and see themselves in the mirror.

    • History has a number of examples in which “excess” by the ruling class was the basis for upheaval. “Excess” always occurs at the expense of the broader mass of society. The French Revolution in 1789 and the Russian Revolution in 1917 were the most notable examples.

      The growing income inequality, the destruction of America’s middle class, plus the “conspicuous consumption” by the millionaire / billionaire class like Bruce’s nine mansions, wine club, etc. if allowed to continue, will lead to some kind of social upheaval. It’s inevitable, but let’s hope that it’s peaceful.

  2. Dont forget he made most of his money from his firms work with us illinois pensions ….so he bites the hand tha fed him . I suspect he is using something called carried interest. He might be hiding that or what I really suspect …that he is not as rich as he wants us to think he his ……it looks like most of his income is coming from partnership liquidations and since his people went along with 500 million from a reporter my guess is its about half that. Why exagggerate well the rich used to hide it after the chaos and near revolution of the great depression (the waltons is more fictional than star trek for younger viewers)But since the oligarchs we have a bunch of mine is bigger than yours.I wont look at the tribune but I will lookat the Forbes listings. Read about the Donalds obsession with his net worth…but with Bruce there may be another factor. The only reason he is still in office (see previous Fred posts on his illegal campaign spending along with failure to produce a budget and he should havebeen gone by now) is the perceotion of an unlimited net worth for politjca spending and revenge. Less money less threat . Well we have seen grassroots beating the big money and with it looking like his buddy Ken is going to spend more time in NYC…well he needs to look more threatening than a ranting sickly looking old crank…….which is all he would be without our pension money

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