We get letters.


And the money comes from where?
Govt employees being the only ones getting raises and more benefits has an end at some point.



No raises for government employees? So after 30 years I would still be making $13,000 a year. Man. People will be knocking down the doors to become teachers at that salary. 

– Fred


Please think about what you just wrote…..Who will be left to pay…you dumb shit!!!

-Wake up people

Dear WUP,

Although I have to kind of read between the lines here, I think what you are getting at is that all the rich people will leave Chicago if we stop putting the tax burden on poor folks and stop letting the rich off easy.

I don’t know if the rich will all leave.

I have noticed that a lot of rich people leave Chicago in August for their summer homes. It seems that this opens up a lot of parking spaces and it is easier to get a reservation at many of the better restaurants in town.

Not that I can afford to eat at any of them on my pension.

– Fred


I’ve lost all patience with trolls like this individual who calls himself / herself “Anonymous.” If “Anonymous” is this person’s first name, surely his or her surname is “Ignoramus.” I’m taking this “little” shot at all the Anonymous Ignoramuses who, out of sheer envy, would love to destroy the incomes and lives of tens of thousands of Illinois’ state retirees:

Dear Anonymous Ignoramuses,

The stench of your pension envy is so thick and overpowering that even a gas mask with a respirator is of no use. You benefited from a low state income tax because our lawmakers and governors, Republicans and Dems, in effect, used Illinois’ five pension systems as a credit card to keep your state taxes low in order to pay for the services you demanded over the decades. You ought to be ashamed, you damned hypocrites. You want to deny pensions to people who’ve played by the rules and earned them. You have no clue about how the pension systems are financed; you have no clue about how the pension systems function. You know jack-s*#t. The red-hot iron rods of envy, ignorance, and self-righteousness poked your eyes out and utterly blinded you.

Teachers and other public employees played by the rule of law as stated in the State Constitution, Illinois’ governors and lawmakers didn’t. Now you want to punish teachers for playing by that rule but let the real “evildoers” off the hook.. “Truth, Justice, the American Way, you damned hypocrites!!! Rules and laws obviously mean nothing to you and you’re willing to violate them because you’re green with blind envy and rage. Damn you!!!

None of you had the guts to enter a classroom to become teachers or to become state workers who clean up after your messes because the pay, the prestige, or the working conditions were beneath your dignity. You weren’t envious then. You sniveling, whining, little, envious brats who are now pouncing on teachers and other state workers because they’re getting something that they’ve earned and you didn’t. Your envy eats at you. You’re behaving like whiny, petulant little children — “Johnny has a toy that I don’t have… I WANT that toy!!! Whaaaa… Whaaaa… Grow up!!! Damn you for being so petty and infantile!

Not you but public employees are the scapegoats and genuine victims in a cruel game perpetrated by your political class, your corporate media, and the millionaires and billionaires, all 30,000 of them in the State of Illinois. Teachers weren’t responsible for the State’s financial mess; nor are they fleecing you. The billionaire class that you worship like golden idols, their handmaidens in Springfield, and the editorial board of the Tribune are not only fleecing you, but pitting you against state workers, while shrieking with deliriously evil laughter all the way to the bank because they can count on suckers like you to do their dirty work.

It’s called “divide and conquer,” but your blind envy, ignorance, and feigned self-righteousness prevent you from discovering that you’re being played like a fiddle by the power and financial elite of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club and others of their ilk. For reasons I don’t understand, you identify with them, but you’ll never be a member of that exclusive club. You’re not rich enough and never will be if they have their way. You’re just their reliable tools, pawns in their relentless war against public employees. …And you’re falling for it! What do you expect to gain from kissing the lower parts of your billionaire masters’ anatomies?

Your true enemies are too many of your lawmakers and that King Midas anal orifice that now sits in the Governor’s Mansion with a reported income of a cool $58 million for 2014, his nine mansions, and his $100 thousand buck wine club who refuses to deal with the real Illinois crisis. It’s called “revenue” which means that he may have to pay a little more in taxes, but he doesn’t want to do that. Instead, he wants you to pay the price and to destroy Illinois’ unions, devour you, your family, and the entire middle class, so that he can exceed that $58 million next year. You miserable, ignorant, envious worms are aiding and abetting the Rauners of this world to make your destruction and everyone else’s a fait accompli. Damn you! A thousand times.. Damn you!!!


Dear Karl,

Well put.

– Fred

6 thoughts on “We get letters.

  1. Sayin it like it is…. salute Fred. I cringe when i hear people bad mouthing public employees and retirees. They are so zombieized they actually believe we are the ones at fault for this crisis. And i jump right in on those conversations. I cant believe that so many side with the pols. I guess what they see on tv is truth to them and as proof look who we have as our so called leaders “THE 9s, Finger and House” Arent we lucky in Illinois

  2. Thanks for this excellent post, Fred. As a retired teacher in Ontario Canada, it is amusing to watch the ruling “class” pit us one against the other. Democracy is passé and fascism/corporate rule seem to have replaced it. Sooner or later, the masses will rise up at the unjust society that has been created. The rich know this and do everything that they can, except to deal fairly with employees, to deflect or delay the inevitable. We are fighting back in small ways here. Tonight we turfed the most destructive, divisive prime minster in Canada’s history. He will not be missed. Good work, Dennis

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  3. I taught 40 years in a Jr. High and felt so adamant about my two children doing better than me, that I convinced them to stay out of education! They both wanted to be teachers and would have made great teachers but I did not want them to make the same mistake I did! When I was 25 I worked summers for Panasonic. They were impressed enough by me to offer me a full time good paying job. I was idealistic and stupid. I stayed in teaching. My children are in their early 30’s and are making more in the lucrative private sector than I did after 40 years of teaching. It is a known fact that the only people not doing well in the lucrative private sector are those who are unmotivated and goofed off in school like Barry. I had Barry in class and he was lazy and a jerk!! I told him him he would not be 13 years old all his life, but he would not listen! Now he lives in his parent’s basement and whines!!!!!!! Ha ha!! Too bad Barry, next time get off your butt and get an education!!!!

    • anon–I worked part-time for Allstate while in college, & was offered a full-time job. Allstate had fantastic opportunities for promotion, profit-sharing, & great benefits. Like you w/Panasonic, I said, “No thank you. Not interested in the world of corporate backstabbing.” Little did I know of all the backstabbing to come from both within & without the world of education!
      Also glad my daughter didn’t become a teacher (although she never wanted to)–her artistic & way-too-sensitive nature would have destroyed her, having to put up with all the insanity of these times. I do have to mention that, despite having an M.A. & being happy* in what she does (& thank G-d for the present healthcare buy-ins! The one thing I like Obama for!), she is one of the millions of underemployed young adults in this country.
      That having been said, I salute all of this generation of teachers who did it the old school way (that is, not by a TFA shortcut–although I also salute those TFAers who DID go on to get an education degree & have continued to teach)–you are carrying an excessive burden, & are doing so with the knowledge that you are truly helping children & families in the most difficult of times.
      *We are grateful that our daughter can eke out a living at job(s) she enjoys & went to school to do, & that, first & foremost, she IS, indeed, happy (& has also remained independent–she lives 4,000 miles away, & has the good fortune to share an apartment w/2 lovely women). Most certainly, given these times, to be happy & fulfilled is a blessing–albeit, perhaps, rare.

  4. Thanks Karl…I guess “speaking truth to power” (or in this case uninformed) can be upsetting to some. Hard to accept the truth. Stop trying to make public employees guilty about receiving a well-earned pension retirement. You don’t like it…then direct your misplaced anger where it belongs. On the state politicians to whom you sold your soul with every vote.
    ***BTW…To those who are critical of state employees and our pensions. I was an educator at Thornridge High School in Dolton the last 24 years of my career in education. The last 17 years I worked on average of 70-80 hours a week at school and another 20-30 hours a week at home. (And I’m not exaggerating!) You couldn’t do what I did and you certainly couldn’t do it as well as I did! Local, state and national honors for my work! When I retired in 2011 it took 17 people to replace all the things I was doing. And best of all, I loved it. The best part were and always will be the kids. So stop hating…Just appreciate!

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