We are still at war.


Denmark leaving Afghanistan in 2013.

President Obama announced this past week that Afghanistan will be our longest war. His announcement earlier that all troops would be out by 2016 is cancelled.

To listen and watch, if you could bear it, the Republican and Democratic Party presidential debates, you would never know we are at war.

Apparently the only foreign country we are interested in is Denmark.

The last few days this has all changed.

Donald Trump criticizes Jeb Bush and Jeb’s brother George for getting us into the Iraq war on false pretenses.

And Bernie Sanders offers support to Obama keeping our troops in Afghanistan.

LBJ tried the guns and butter thing. It didn’t work out well.

It’s a bizarro world we live in.

The good news is that the campaigns are talking about war and peace for the first time.

The bad news?

We are still at war in Afghanistan.

And BTW, Denmark pulled its troops out in 2013, twelve years after the invasion.

6 thoughts on “We are still at war.

  1. As a parent and Uncle I have to pay attention to our military status as a Nation. I do not want to see American women and men tied up in foreign countries because foreign leaders do not want to provide for the safety of their own people.

  2. Apparently, the military-industrial complex needs more $$$$.
    Halliburton stock going up!
    It’s not enough to have created an education-industrial complex, stealing from the minds of “other people’s children.” The powers that be have to continue to steal the very lives of “other people’s children.”

  3. Hey retired, you must be talking about the ‘military and the monetary’. Gill Scott Heron, several years back, was kind of thinking what you just stated here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7vSEBR_T5o
    If you can’t click on this link go to the youtube of Mr. Heron and check out his musical commentary called “Work for Peace”. I’m in agreement with you.

  4. Thanks for the video, J.R.! The man was, indeed, prescient. For example, hasn’t “The Revolution Will Not be Televised” become truth? Several years ago, a large number of protesters–1,000 or more–turned up at the Palmer House Hilton, where ALEC was celebrating its 40th birthday. Some prominent, nationally known speakers, such as Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke.
    Was this on CNN, or even the local news affiliates? Did any national news network–or CNN (we wouldn’t expect FOX News)–cover the original Save Our Schools March in Washington? Have any gatherings prior to the passage of SB 1 been covered? Of course, we all know the answer to these questions.
    Time for Bernie Sanders. (Did you all detect a little fright when he was asked what he means by a “revolution?”) Of course, his answer made great sense, & was in no way frightening–rather, geared to the needs of the middle class & those suffering in poverty. Silly CNN! Just do your job, please, & report REAL news.
    We are not interested in the comings & goings of Mike & of Anthony Bourdain on what is supposed to be a news station; these programs are for the Travel Channel, Food Network, HGTV & DIY. Instead of hard-hitting, investigative stories, “Nightline,” “20/20” & “60 Minutes” have become fluff-oriented shows–all the non-news we don’t need to know (tonight’s “Nightline” featured a segment on tiny houses; isn’t that already a show on HGTV?).

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