Curmudgucation blog takes on edTPA today.

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Curmudgucation blog takes on edTPA today.

“Blogger and retired teacher Fred Klonsky has had many conversations and taken much flak for his comments about edTPA as it has sunk its fangs into Illinois, but he’s been right all along.”

The Curmudgucation post starts by having a little fun wirth EdWeek’s Steven Sawchuk. And Sawchuk takes offense on Twitter.

Poor Steven Sawchuk. I had heard that EdWeek and some of Sawchuk’s columns were financially underwritten by Gates Foundation money, even when he writes about the Gates Foundation. I was going to ask Sawchuk about the report at the NEA RA which he was supposed to be covering. When I went to the press section to talk about it with him, I was told he had already gone home, although he didn’t mention that he wasn’t there in his “first-hand” reports.

Is that snark, Steven? Sorry.


Thanks to Curmudgucation for the mention and the edTPA post. And here is his blog piece with a jump to his blog.


Over at EdWeek, Steven Sawchuk is asking the musical question, “Are New Teacher Tests Vulnerable to Cheating?” I look forward to other tough-to-answer EdWeek articles like “Will the sun rise in the east tomorrow?” and “Does the Pope avoid bears in the woods?”

The answer is, “Of course.” edTPA (the “new teacher test” in question) is one more demonstration of the Law of Bad Assessment– the more inauthentic the assessment and the more removed from what is actually being assessed, the easier it is to cheat.

edTPA does not assess an aspiring teacher’s teaching skills. It assesses their skills in filling out the paperwork involved in edTPA. It assesses their ability to cough up a bunch of money to pay for the edTPA process. It assesses their ability to jump through the edTPA hoops in the exact manner preferred by the edTPA assessors.

All of these tasks are far removed from actually teaching a class. They are inauthentic measures of teaching skill, aptitude and knowledge, and they are all enormously gameable, and it was utterly and completely predictable, given the high stakes involved (will you get to be a teacher, or have you just wasted four years of your life and a buttload of money), that some business would emerge to help with that gaming.

Meet edTPA Tutoring. 

We can help you in any way you need to complete and pass your edTPA. We are a small company with dedicated tutors ready to work with you individually and confidentially to help you pass the edTPA. We have been in business for three years and we have a 100% success rate. 

The confidentiality part is particularly tasty. There’s also a part about how “the Client will handle all video cutting as requested by the Consultant.” In other words, these guys will help you edit your video for best effect.

The cost? $49.00 an hour, which is pretty manageable given how much is riding on your edTPA hoop-jumping festival.

Read the entire post here.

2 thoughts on “Curmudgucation blog takes on edTPA today.

  1. Yep, there are shysters out there. University of Phoenix, anyone? That doesn’t damn the assessment but the losers who are willing to cheat it. Can we please be a profession willing to hold all to standards of practice? Well prepared, well advised will do well with edTPA and on into their career and student learning. Game the assessment and cheat your way into practice and harm children. Hiring administrators will be able to discern if they understand the contours of edTPA me ask good questions. Don’t hire the fakers.

    Please tell me which performance rubrics you find objectionable.

  2. “I could do just fine without the snark.”

    Well, that’s okay. The world could do just fine without Pearson, edTPA, standardized testing and education “reform” in general.

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