8 thoughts on ““Developing.”

  1. Geez, I almost wish the tests focused on memorizing and specific facts – at least then kids would have something resembling knowledge. The current tests are designed to assess ridiculous decontextualized “skills” that are almost never used in the real world.

  2. What does this look like to someone fresh out of school? Dedicating 37 years to students and getting this rating? I sure would have hesitations about becoming a teacher.

  3. Sounds like an administrator is setting up the teachers they don’t like to be thrown overboard. Watch for another phony, invalid “evaluation” later this year. Then watch for the end of year ritual of everyone getting a pink slip, and then calling everyone back during the summer. Except for her. She will have been “SB7ed”. This is happening to the most senior (and highest paid) teachers all over Illinois. Also being applied to the outspoken.

  4. After 30+ years, I would always enjoy seeing the twice-a-year invasion of people from the district office who would show up in my classroom for observation trying to justify their phony jobs. I was surrounded. There was always 4-5 of them sitting or standing at various points in the classroom. They were always diligently writing on their little clipboards. I never received verbal feedback from any of them afterwards. I once had a note slipped on my desk (didn’t even notice which one left the note) that was critical of something I had said or done. There was no name or title following the comment. Would liked to have engaged in a one on one conversation with the young nit-wit, but I wouldn’t even know where to find the individual. Most of these observers were quite young. Almost every school I worked in was overcrowded. These young observers would have been much more beneficial to the system if they rolled up their sleeves and did some actual teaching to these young, needy students.

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