State Superintendent Tony Smith performs self-evaluation.


State Supt. Tony Smith performs self-evaluation.

My active CPS teacher friends received their performance rankings this week.

For the most part it wasn’t good.

The whole way in which current teachers are evaluated throughout Illinois is demeaning, unprofessional and without research and data to support it.

Excellent teachers with 30 years experience are receiving a ranking of “developing” based, in part, on the test scores of students. No test was ever designed to evaluate student knowledge and teacher effectiveness at the same time.

Meanwhile Illinois State Superintendent of Schools Tony Smith does self-evaluation.

That’s right.

Tony Smith’s performance review is done by Tony Smith.

Members of Illinois’ House Government Administration Committee hoped to grill Superintendent Tony Smith about expensive perks he gets on top of his $225,000 salary. But the invitation was declined by Board Chair James Meeks, who sent a letter to the committee saying he wanted to discuss the request with the school board. A day later at the state board’s meeting, Smith referred reporters to Meeks.

“So the conversation to have with the chairman, about the choices, like how we’re responding? You can ask him,” Smith said.

The board’s new public information officer told reporters that Meeks was unavailable.

Gov. Bruce Rauner appointed Meeks and Smith. Smith’s contract includes a clause that allows him to perform annual self-evaluations before receiving raises and a stipend to bring his pension in line with a more generous plan that hasn’t been available to new state hires since 2011.

5 thoughts on “State Superintendent Tony Smith performs self-evaluation.

  1. Dearly Beloved,
    On behalf of our new Illinois Supe of Schools and his objective self-eval, edtpa and the rest, the daily wisdom of Donnie Frump, Trick or Trey Gowdy, the Merry Geniuses of his Benghazi Club, Brucie and the Wine Club Gang, plus the other jolly rascals, too many to name, who inhabited this day, October 22nd, 2015, I’d like to welcome you to the United States of Absurdity….

    And now, please rise for our national anthem:
    Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly. Birds fly over the rainbow… Why or why can’t I?…

  2. Is there any way for someone to file a suit against this system, as has happened in NYC? Also, why aren’t our unions – IEA and IFT supporting a lawsuit against using test scores for evals? Instead our union heads tells us they sat at the table and helped write the eval system. There seems to be no appetite for our union leaders to fight against this. There is solid evidence, including from the American Statistical Association – that teachers have very little impact on student test scores (especially high-stakes tests). The current system of using test scores for teacher evaluations is built in a base of lies.

  3. Well, if he was evaluated based on the last PARCC tests, he would be fired. When this man looks in the mirror, what does he see?

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