Keeping retirement weird.


Artist, art teacher and activist Ellen Gradman and I have been friends for a couple of years.

I am lucky to call Ellen a friend. A person more dedicated to the cause of social justice and public schools would be hard to find.

She is a wonderful artist.

During the fight against Rahm’s school closings in which the Mayor shuttered more public schools in minority communities than anyone in American history, we met up in a funny way.

One of the divide-and-conquer tricks of Mayor Rahm was to first put out a list of 300 potential schools closings, suggesting that not all would be on the final list. Rahm was hoping that instead of fighting school closings, neighborhoods would fight each other over saving their own neighborhood school.

I wrote a blog post where I said every Chicago public school is my school as a way to shine a light on the Mayor’s trick.

The next thing I knew Ellen Gradman had turned Every Chicago Public School is My School into a poster.

We began seeing the poster everywhere.

906326_10200512814875753_374422345_o 906568_10200512442586446_197041815_o 904346_10200514260191885_453698692_o 904305_10200512820155885_1196332534_o

893922_10200514161789425_1303846131_o 893755_10200512444906504_1496875769_o 892239_10200512814195736_1134162846_o 891770_10200512443666473_1194345815_o

Ellen and I were talking a few months back and in the old Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland tradition we said, “Let’s put on a show.”

So, we will.

Our work will be on display at Chicago’s URI-EICHEN Gallery at 2101 South Halsted for the month next February, 2016.

There will be an opening reception, slash party, on Friday, February 12th (note the change of date from an earlier version of this post).

Maybe we can get a band to volunteer their services.

Ellen will exhibit her work and the work she has done with kids – like when she spent every day at the Dyett hunger strike.


I will show – in large scale format – my drawings and cartoons from this blog.

Mark your calendars now.

One thought on “Keeping retirement weird.

  1. Looking forward to this (& meeting Ellen). How about Matt Farmer’s group?
    (Would love to hear them.)
    And you on the uke!

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