Bruce Rauner to retired teacher: Chemotherapy or collective bargaining?


– From Ken Previti’s blog. Ken received the following from a retired Illinois teacher.

Dear Friends,

I just wanted you all to know how [IL Gov. Bruce] Rauner’s unconstitutional act of not providing a signed budget has affected me at my most vulnerable.   As you all know, my cancer returned this past summer and I am forced to undergo more chemotherapy which is an exhausting ordeal.  I was informed this week that my doctor could no longer treat me, despite my paying my premiums and Cigna approving 100% payment the State of Illinois could no longer make payments and has informed my doctor’s office that it would take over a year to process his invoices.  I will now have to drive 37 miles one way for treatment at Rush University which is still accepting my insurance.  With winter approaching and the exhaustion following the treatments, I will have to once again impose on friends or The American Cancer Society to get me to Chicago and back home again.

Something needs to be done about a governor holding the legislature and its citizens hostage so that he can destroy collective bargaining rights and tromp on workers’ rights.  I thank you all for your continued advocacy and willingness to fight for those of us who cannot do so.

With gratitude,
(Name withheld by request)

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6 thoughts on “Bruce Rauner to retired teacher: Chemotherapy or collective bargaining?

  1. AFT and UPI are suing because he is violating the constitution again on your healthcare.And he violted campaign contribution law …the ethics act by using state employees for his legal filings…..I am sure there is more . But there is plenty now If Kim Davis in Ky was considered eligible for impeachment then its beyond me why this guy is still in office. Dems grow some…… his money will be less effective when he is a former gov.This hostage taking crap needs to end.

  2. Rauner’s and his Repubbies’ “death panels?” Palin was right about them, but, as usual, she had the wrong party…

    Rauner’s company ran its nursing homes subsidiary with the same “kid glove” care with which he’s running Illinois. How many died in those homes? At least six? More than that? Is there no recourse in our so-called democracy to an obvious monster like Rauner?

    Can an Illinois governor be impeached for insanity with strong tendencies toward sociopathy, psychopathy, and sadism. Perhaps our attorney general, L. Madigan, can obtain a court order to force Rauner to submit to a thorough psychological examination.

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